Sister Sister

Happy Thursday! This coming Saturday September 8, 2018 will be in my twins sister’s 32nd birthday! Me and my twin sister are extremely close and she is not only my twin sister but also my friend and we do a lot of things together and every year we celebrate our birthday together.

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#20ReasonsWhy Twitter Chat

Happy Labor Day! I just have a quick post for you guys today. I am so excited to share that I am partnering with In The Loop of Success, to host a twitter chat. Keep reading for all the deets.

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Muzmm Backpacks That Are Perfect For Travel

Happy Friday! We are entering in the last month of Summer, however just because Summer is ending doesn’t mean your travel plans have to end. With a new season comes new opportunities to visit new and fun places to experience. One thing you will need is a great backpack to keep all of your belongings safe and secure. I have the perfect product so keep reading to learn more at Muzmm and for a special discount code.

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#CKLIfe: My Grief Story Part 1

Happy Thursday! So let me just say this post is not about makeup or clothes-I mean there is more to me than the superficial things. This post is very special for me because it is extremely personal but I am sharing my story to hopefully helps others who are currently grieving and for those who in the future will go through this season I hope you guys can go back to this post for peace and comfort and most importantly to know that you are not alone. Over the last couple of years I have felt that I am truly understanding God’s purpose over my life and that is to help others in several different ways and one way is to share my story. My Grief Story will be broken up into various parts as so much as happened in my life and I will be sharing all of the ugly and heartbreaking parts too so keep reading for part one.

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#CKLife: How To Keep Yourself Motivated

Happy Tuesday! We are in the last week of August and this year is quickly winding down and if you are like me feeling a little overwhelmed and burnt out from work and just overall life then this post is for you. We could all use some motivation-right? For today’s lifestyle post I am sharing some tips on how to keep yourself motivated so keep reading for all the deets.

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#CKLife: Current Music Playlist 8.2018

Happy Thursday! Today I’m sharing another music playlist and I hope you enjoy all of the tunes that I’m grooving to. Keep reading to see what songs I am loving right now.

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