Dear Grandmother

In loving memory of a wonderful grandmother…

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Bedtime Rituals For Better Sleep

I think everyone could agree that a good nights rest is one of the best feelings however a good nights sleep is not always guaranteed. One way to help improve your sleep is to have a consistent bedtime routine. What we choose to do with our evening hours directly impacts our quality of sleep, mood, and our energy levels. Many of us including myself spend nights watching tv, browsing social media and late night snacking, however once I made a commitment to sticking to a healthy bedtime routine I’ve been having the best sleep of my life. Revamping your bedtime routine can be quite easy, if you want better sleep at night then keep reading for all the deets.

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Chapter 31

Today is the day I turn 31 and I am so blessed and grateful to see another year. I pray that this new chapter in my life is full of love, peace, happiness, and much success. I’ve dealt with a lot this year from still grieving the loss of my dad and or course just the ups and downs of life but through it all God has kept me and I am so grateful. I’m letting go of all the negativity that has been consuming me and I am focusing on the positive. This birthday I will be celebrating in Las Vegas this is going to be fun. But I thought I would celebrate with all of my awesome readers by sharing 31 facts about me. I also want to take the time to thank all of my readers and followers. I truly appreciate all of the love and support that you guys give me on a daily basis. I will continue to create content that I hope you enjoy and find helpful, and trust me I’m just getting started. Thank you all so much!

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