A Beginner’s Guide To Getting A Belly Button Piercing

Navel piercings are always hot and sexy to look at. Those gorgeous belly button piercing rings on the belly are fashionable and look great. But many women aren’t aware of considerations one should think about before getting their belly pierced. A belly piercing requires a serious commitment to make it work for the longest time. It heals slow and requires subtle aftercare. So, before you get your navel pierced, go through our guide to know everything about belly piercing. From picking the right belly piercing jewelry and belly button piercing procedure to risks involved and aftercare, this guide covers everything.

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4 Reasons Your Makeup Choices Matter

Due to climate change, unsustainable production and poor working conditions, we have heard a lot about global food, clothing and energy industries and why their practices might need reform – but what about your makeup? Is your choice of foundation or eye-liner important when it comes to these big, global issues? Can you make a difference?

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How To Choose A Stone For An Engagement Ring

An Engagement Ring is the most important part of a wedding ceremony because it completes the overall body jewelry collection. If you are searching for the perfect engagement ring for your future spouse, to express your love then expand your search with multiple options. Finding a perfect engagement ring with a perfect stone can be time-consuming and it can be confusing with so many options available. But if you follow these exclusive tips explained below, then you’ll come to know “How to Choose a Stone for an Engagement Ring” and you will find the perfect ring that you and your spouse, both will appreciate.

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Fajas Colombianas Shapewear

Happy Style Wednesday! Our body is a temple and taking care of it provides a healthier and happier life. Why? Because when our body is healthy, we can do the activities that we want, eat the foods we like, travel to places we dreamed about and wear sexier clothes! While everyone is into getting fit, women are taking it more seriously by wearing shapewear such as fajas colombianas. But what is it about? Let us try to dig deeper.

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How To Choose The Best Bras For Your Tough Days

Happy Style Tuesday! Many people often look for tools through which they can look younger, for instance is there any special kind of face cream or some new fashion trend that woman over 50 should be wearing. The answer to this question is surprisingly simple and can make an instant difference. Simply update your bra!

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4 Outfit Ideas For A Winter Wedding


I love getting glammed up for any occasion, but I just can’t stop myself when it comes to a wedding. It’s a time to celebrate love and romance, but it’s also a time to celebrate show-stopping outfits – as long as they don’t upstage the bride, of course! Although many couples choose to get married in the summer, where you can whip out the summer dresses and strappy sandals, it’s not so easy to choose an outfit for a winter wedding. You want to stay stylish but you also want to stay warm, so how do you strike the perfect balance? Keep reading for all the deets.

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