4 Black-Owned Dispensaries For All Your Cannabis Needs

Happy Monday! I hope all of my readers have an amazing and blessed week. For today’s lifestyle post we will be discussing a hot topic cannabis. With cannabis being legalized in states across the country it has given new opportunities for Black people to enter the cannabis industry so if you are interested in learning more then keep reading for all the deets.

4 black-owned dispensaries for all your cannabis needs

Hollingsworth Cannabis Company: Seattle, Washington

Hollingsworth Cannabis Company is the first and only Black-owned cannabis farm in the state of Washington. This company infuses hemp seed oil sourced from their farm inside products such as: lotion, candles, and bath bombs.

Pure Oasis: Boston, MA

Pure Oasis is Boston’s first recreational cannabis dispensary. They carry a variety of strains and seek to provide knowledge and advice to its customers.

Grasshopper Club: Chicago, IL

Grasshopper Club is a new venue in the city that creates opportunities for growth, ownership, and production.

Franklin’s Stash House: Kansas City, MO

Franklin’s Stash House is the first Black-owned cannabis dispensary to come to Missouri. This space creates a safe place for the Black community while honoring the Hip-Hop culture.

What are your thoughts on cannabis dispensaries? Let me know in the comments.

Chantel Keona

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