Happy Thursday! This post is kind of a little life update. All of my readers have become a huge part of my life, so I don’t mind sharing the good and the bad with all of you. If you have been following my blog journey for a while, then you would know that Zeke is my Rottweiler and I have had him for 10 years. Unfortunately, on March 05, 2022, me and my family had to make one of the hardest decisions ever which was to put him down. Zeke was 10 and suffered a lot of health issues from seizures, loss of weight, a tumor and blindness and after his numerous tests and doctor’s appointment we felt it was the best choice to make since he would not be getting any better and he was in pain and very anxious.

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A Tribute To My Father

Happy Friday! Father’s Day is this Sunday June 21st and for those who don’t know I lost my father back in 2014 so needless to say this holiday just like any other holiday is not the same. However I want to wish any of my readers who are fathers Happy Father’s Day and I hope you all have a wonderful day. For today’s post I’m sharing some thoughts to my dearly departed father.

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#CKLIfe: My Grief Story Part 3

Happy Tuesday! For today’s post I’m sharing more of my grief story, I have been grieving my father’s passing for the last four years and although everyday is still a struggle because I miss him so much I am coming to terms with his death and doing my best to find peace through all of the sadness. Keep reading if you would like to know more about my grief story.

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#CKLIfe: My Grief Story Part 1

Happy Thursday! So let me just say this post is not about makeup or clothes-I mean there is more to me than the superficial things. This post is very special for me because it is extremely personal but I am sharing my story to hopefully helps others who are currently grieving and for those who in the future will go through this season I hope you guys can go back to this post for peace and comfort and most importantly to know that you are not alone. Over the last couple of years I have felt that I am truly understanding God’s purpose over my life and that is to help others in several different ways and one way is to share my story.¬†My Grief Story¬†will be broken up into various parts as so much as happened in my life and I will be sharing all of the ugly and heartbreaking parts too so keep reading for part one.

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#CKLife: 4 Years Without My Dad

Happy Monday! Today marks four years since my father passed away! It still feels like yesterday when I got that phone call that forever changed my life. Four years later and my heart is still broken into a tiny million pieces. I get comfort knowing that he is at peace. This weekend me and my twin sister celebrated his life with a movie, dinner, and drinks-that was our favorite thing to do together. As sad as I am today and everyday I will think of my amazing memories that I have of my dad and I will celebrate his life.

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