Bedtime Rituals For Better Sleep

I think everyone could agree that a good nights rest is one of the best feelings however a good nights sleep is not always guaranteed. One way to help improve your sleep is to have a consistent bedtime routine. What we choose to do with our evening hours directly impacts our quality of sleep, mood, and our energy levels. Many of us including myself spend nights watching tv, browsing social media and late night snacking, however once I made a commitment to sticking to a healthy bedtime routine I’ve been having the best sleep of my life. Revamping your bedtime routine can be quite easy, if you want better sleep at night then keep reading for all the deets.

bedtime rituals for better sleep

Power Down

About an hour before my bedtime I close out all of my apps and put my phone on “do not disturb” this way no noises or bright lights will bother me while I’m trying to sleep.

Clean Up

Before I get in bed I have to tidy up my room and put everything back in its place. I have personally noticed that a mess causes me stress and it’s very hard to sleep if you are stressed out.

Sip Tea

Every night I have a small cup of tea because it has a very calming effect on my body and it helps me to relax and unwind before I fall asleep.

Write It Out

I keep a journal on my nightstand right by my bed and I write in it faithfully every night what I am grateful for and I just reflect on my day. It helps to get out all of my thoughts in a positive and healthy way.

These four bedtime rituals have greatly improved my sleeping at night. I hope this was helpful.

What is your bedtime routine? Let me know in the comments.

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