Rock Tie-Dye This Summer

Happy Tuesday! I’m a big fan of bold fashion including prints and one of my all-time favorites is tie-dye I think it is so cool and fun to wear especially during the summer. Tie-Dye is quite popular for festivals and performances however I think this trend can be worn in your everyday life. Tie-Dye has been known as the uniform for Hippie culture because of the bold colors that represent love and peace. I personally enjoy wearing tie-dye because it gives me the freedom to creatively express myself. Tie-Dye is very versatile and if you are looking for some cool pieces to rock this summer then keep reading for all the deets.

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#CKStyle: Faux Leather + Black & Tan Stripes

Happy Wednesday! For today’s style post I’m wearing a striped body suit paired with a faux leather skirt from Fashion Nova. To complete my look, I’m wearing black fur heels. This outfit can be worn out to dinner or just hanging with your girlfriends. I hope this inspires you and keep reading for all the deets.

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Facing the World With Confidence After 40

Photo Credit: Jonathan Borba via Unsplash

As people get older, they face different challenges in various stages of life. The hurdles you had in your twenties will be different from those you’ll face in your forties—thank goodness! One thing people aged 40 and over may struggle with is confidence. It’s important to understand that confidence isn’t something that develops naturally over a lifetime. You must actively work on it. Chantel Keona is dedicated to inspiring and uplifting all women, and she is all about confidence. Here, Chantel hopes to give you a new perspective on boosting your confidence for the long term.

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Shades To Wear This Summer

Happy Sunday! Summer is my favorite season I live for a nice warm and sunny day. I love the summer fashion from sandals, bags, a fashionable outfit and accessories. Sunglasses are a must-have because they complete any outfit and can add some jazz to your look. Shades also provide protection from UV rays and protect your eyes overall. If you are looking for new glasses to purchase, then keep reading for all the deets.

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8 Black Owned Brands To Shop

Happy Sunday! I am always excited to share black owned businesses with all of you. If any of you are interested in supporting black owned brands, then keep reading because I will be sharing some amazing lifestyle brands you can support all year round so keep reading for all the deets.

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#CKTV: Recent YouTube Videos

Happy Thursday! I hope all of my readers are doing well and having a blessed week so far. Today I want to share my recent YouTube videos, I am so proud of myself because I have been consistent over on my channel. I would truly appreciate it if you checked out my videos and subscribed. Thank you for all of the support and keep reading for all the deets.

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