Shapermint Shapewear

Happy Style Wednesday! This post is just for my ladies, I’m sharing a great brand called Shapermint, they carry the best shapewear for women of all shapes and sizes. Shapermint was created because every woman deserves to feel sexy and confident in her own skin. Because, sometimes all we need is a little support. I was sent two amazing pieces from this brand: the high-waisted shaper short and the high-waisted shaper panty so keep reading for all the deets.

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Holiday Shopping | Engagement Rings

Happy Style Monday! The holidays are officially here and what is more special than professing your love to that special person with an engagement. I have a special treat for all of you ladies and gents that are thinking of purchasing engagement rings this holiday season. Keep reading for all the deets on rose gold morganite engagement ring.

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#CKLife: Newsletter

Happy Tuesday! I hope all of my readers have a fabulous day! For today’s post I just want to remind you to subscribe to my newsletter. I will keep you updated with my most recent blog posts and YouTube videos you don’t want to miss it. Thank you for all of your continued support. I truly appreciate it.

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Muzmm Little Watermelon Backpack

Happy Thursday! I can’t believe we are already in November, time is just flying by. The holiday’s are officially upon us and I want to share a great deal with you all from Muzmm. Whether you are traveling and need an affordable backpack or you are starting your Christmas shopping and looking for the perfect gift for your family and friends who love to travel I’ve got you covered so keep reading for all the deets.

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New YouTube Video: Halloween 2018 Costume Ideas

Happy Halloween! If you guys celebrate Halloween I hope you have a spooky good time. I know many of you guys might be going out and attending Halloween parties and festivities either the weekend prior or after and I just want to share my YouTube in case you guys still need some quick and easy costume ideas so keep reading for all the deets.

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Halloween Costume Ideas: Leopard Print Ears

Happy Style Friday! Today I am sharing my last Halloween costume ideas. For this simple and easy look the entire costume is centered around these leopard print ears that I purchased from my local Walmart-they were very inexpensive. To complement my Leopard print ears I’m wearing a black bodysuit, leggings, and heels. For my makeup today I wanted to be extra dramatic so I am wearing sparkly black eyeshadow and matching lips. I hope this inspires you and keep reading for all the deets.

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