6 Facts Everyone Should Know About 14K Gold Wholesale Jewelry

14k gold jewelry is a popular option. It is best if you want to buy gold. Find out some facts about 14k gold before you make your next purchase. Wearing pure gold is not possible these days. Gold is a soft metal that breaks or scratches easily. So, your gold will be mixed with a few other metals to make it solid and sturdy. The number 14 means 14 out of 24 possible karats worth of gold in that piece. 14k gold can come in white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold. It is considered excellent quality gold.

Six facts about 14k gold wholesale jewelry:


All real gold is stamped as the hallmark of a reputable jeweler. When the jewelry has a mark of 14k, it is 14 out of 24. So over half of the metal is in gold. 24 karats would be a hundred percent pure gold. However, it is very soft and malleable.


Even though it is mixed with other metals that might be assorted colors, 14k gold will be light gold. It also can have a yellowish tint to it.


14k gold has more than half a percentage of gold. So, it is more expensive than other metals such as silver or copper. The price of gold varies on current market trends also. The price of gold can change daily across the globe. 14k gold can be cheaper than 18k and 24k gold. But it will be more expensive and 10k gold.


There is a reason why people love to buy 14k gold wholesale jewelry. It is because it does not have the properties of rusting in it. The only thing that could happen is that it could lose its shine with time. But you can restore the brightness with the proper steps.

Contact with water

You can wear 14k gold while showering. Just keep in mind that it can be scratched, so it would be best if you were careful while wearing it. Make sure to dry off once you are out of the shower. It should have a clean look and keep shining. However, it is best to remove jewelry before getting in the shower. It protects the luster and shine of the gold.

Reaction on skin

It is uncommon for 14k gold to change the skin color. But it can turn green. If you wear a ring for a long time, moisture gets trapped underneath. You will notice that your skin will start going green from this. It will come off after you clean it properly. But it would be best if you washed your ring occasionally.

To Sum up

14k gold jewelry is a good option for you. If you take care of it and keep it clean, it will last many years. It is prone to scratching, and it is precious and not easy to take care of. Just be aware that you need to take it off during specific times.

Do you like to wear 14K gold jewelry? Let me know in the comments.

Chantel Keona

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