The Best Brow & Lash Products

Happy Thursday! This beauty post is for my ladies and fellas that may have some extra hair that they might want to have removed. Personally, I am quite hairy, so I tweeze my brows and shave regularly. Removing facial hair can be a pain especially when you are not using the proper tools. Today I am sharing great options for grooming your brows so keep reading for all the deets.

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Beauty Talk: How To Maintain Your Brows

We have all heard that saying, “your eyes are the windows to your soul, and your eyebrows are the window treatments.” This statement is so true and today there are so many different brow trends going around in the beauty world and everyone wants their brows on FLEEK! Personally if my brows are not done then I don’t even bother to wear makeup-I mean what is the point. Eyebrows frame your face and really compliments your makeup. To me they go hand-in-hand so in order for me to have a beat face my brows MUST be on point. But how are you supposed to maintain your eyebrows is the question of the day so keep on reading to learn how to maintain your brows.

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