Hair Sense Clip-Ins 7pcs Weave 12″

Last Saturday I was out and about running errands and I saw this beauty supply store and I went in because I have been interested in purchasing clip-ins for a while now so I wanted to see what this store has to offer. I am so glad I checked this store out because I was in hair heaven-I mean they have everything from weaves, wigs, shampoo, hair scarves and so much more and they cater to African-American hair which obviously is a plus for me. After taking some time to walk around the store and browse everything I came across some clip-ins that I decided to purchase and try out so keep reading for all the deets.

hair sense clip-in 7pcs weave 12″

I purchased Clip-Ins 7pcs in 12″ in color 1 which is black and looks best with my natural hair color.

This pack of Clip-Ins consist of:

  • 9″ 1pc
  • 7″ 1pc
  • 5″ 1pc
  • 3″ 4pcs


  1. Put your hair up and attach 3″ piece and put some hair down. Repeat with another 3″piece.
  2. Attach 3″ piece and put some hair down. Repeat with another 3″ piece.
  3. Attach 5″ piece and put some hair down.
  4. Attach 7″ piece and put some hair down.
  5. Attach 9″ piece and put some hair down.
  6. Style as you desired.

Curling Tips”

  1. Hold the curler on the hair for at least twice the length of time to get the curl to set.
  2. Once you remove the curler, do not pull the hair, and just slide the curler out of the curl.
  3. Allow the curl to cool before pulling or styling.
  4. Be sure to test a small section of hair to ensure that the curling iron is not too hot.
  5. Safe up to 350F to 390F.


  • Affordable
  • Natural texture
  • Instant volume
  • Instant length


  • $25.99

I have been rocking these clip-ins for a little less than a week and I am in love, these clip-ins are giving me so much life–yasss hunty! I am so happy with this purchase and I will continue to rock these for a while. I maintain the up keep of my clip-ins by wrapping my hair up every night and I sleep with a satin scarf and then I gently just comb my hair down and I’m good to go. I will definitely be purchasing more clip-ins from Hair Sense and if you interested in these clip-ins check out their site If you are looking to switch up your hairstyle I recommend these clip-ins to all of you ladies.

Here are some photos of me rocking my clip-ins:

index index1 index2 index3

What are your favorite clip-ins? Let me know in the comments.

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