Must-Have Spring 2016 Accessories

I am so over fall/winter I can not wait for spring, I live for warm weather and spring/summer fashion. If you are like me counting down the days until spring then this post is just for you because I’m sharing the must-have spring accessories that are sure to brighten up your day jazz up your outfits this spring season so keep reading for all the deets.

must-have spring 2016 accessories


Put away your small clutches and carry everything you need in a cute and chic bucket bag. Some of the styles look a little retro and have a nice pop of color. Whether you want a patterned bag is totally up to you just grab your bucket bag and head out the door.


A statement necklace will help you stand out from the crowd and dress up your outfit effortlessly even if you’re just wearing a white tee. What many of these necklaces have in common though, whether big or small is that they are sparkly and most definitely eye-catching. Bigger is also always bolder and “bib” necklaces are very hot right now.


Protect your skin and add a bit of high drama to your look by rocking a wide brim hat. These can take on a couple of different looks. With floppier hats, you can go for a more bohemian look on and off the beach. Or go for straighter lines with a true wide brim, which looks elegant, whether you’re going to the races or just soaking up the sun.


Draw people’s eyes to your earrings with bold designs and styles with a whole range of shapes and colors-the bigger the better. While these bold earrings are incredibly varied this season it makes it super easy to pick a style that fits you. Whether you go with a spiral shaped earring or elongated sparkly earrings.


Picking out the right pair is all about choosing a pair based on your face shape. With that said, the classic tortoiseshell sunglasses are all the rage and that may have something to do with how 70’s style is in this spring.

What are your must-have spring accessories? Let me know in the comments.

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