How To Care Of Your Skin In Your 30’s

Happy Beauty Monday! I hope all of my lovely readers have an amazing week. I will be turning 31 this September God willing and I am trying to be my best self-emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. And I’m not just talking about getting this waist snatched but also about taking care of my skin and being mindful of what I put into my body and what I am putting on my skin. Turning 30 is a huge milestone in life filled with career climbs, bridesmaid gowns, baby showers and of course love. With all of these exciting things happening in our lives we can not forget about our skin especially as we get older. One day you might wake up and notice all of a sudden your skin may seem drier, oily, more sensitive or you may even notice brown spots and blotches. Although we can’t completely stop the aging process there are a lot of things that we can do to age gracefully. For all my ladies that are in the 30 club like myself keep reading because I’m spilling the tea on how to take care of your skin your 30s.

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How To Handle Breakouts In Your 30’s

Hello Beautiful People! Having to deal with breakouts at any age is a nightmare. If you have been following me for a little while then you know a little about my skincare journey but if you are new to Chantel Keona then I welcome you 👋🏽 and will give you a little quick background. When I was younger (teenage years) my skin was very clear I hardly ever had breakouts and every month or so I would get a pimple here and there thanks to mother nature but besides that my skin was pretty good. Also I only use to wash my face with Dove soap and I never exfoliated or used any kind of special face washes-now granted of course I wasn’t wearing nearly as much makeup as I wear now that I am in my 30s.

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