Is It Okay For Me To Use Strip Lashes With My Lash Extensions?

Party season is practically here, and we as a whole love getting ourselves super-full occasion lashes–following a difficult year, haven’t we acquired it? Since large numbers of us wear lash expansions consistently, it’s not difficult to become acclimated to the stunning long lashes that we find in the mirror every morning. With regards to outfit gatherings or uncommon events, now and then it very well may be enticing to pop thick strip lashes on for a more extreme look than your ordinary lash augmentations. As individual excellence darlings, we can see yet as lash professionals, we say kindly, kindly don’t!

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2021 Amazing Eyelash Extension Styles

The year 2021 is moving leaps and bounds away from the over styled, clumpy mascara of the early 2000s. The hours of searching for the perfect mascara that stays put and looks natural are over, so just go ahead and throw it out. This year is all about eyelash extensions that nail the natural feel and highlight the windows to your soul in fun ways. Here are the top trends we’re seeing on celebs and Instagram.

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