#CKLife: Chapter 34

Happy Tuesday! Today is my 34th birthday, I still can’t believe I’m in my mid-thirties already, man time is just flying by. Although 2020 has been a very rough and stressful year with the loss of loved ones, a national pandemic, social injustice, and racism just to name a few things I have encountered this year. I am still very blessed to see another year. I’ve been taking time to reflect on my life and some positive changes that I want to make moving forward in life. If you are interested in seeing what some of my goals are for 34 then keep reading for all the deets.

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Sister Sister

Happy Thursday! This coming Saturday September 8, 2018 will be in my twins sister’s 32nd birthday! Me and my twin sister are extremely close and she is not only my twin sister but also my friend and we do a lot of things together and every year we celebrate our birthday together.

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