How To Properly Clean Jewelry For Kids: Tips & Tricks

Kids love to wear jewelry of different shapes and sizes. But kids’ jewelry is also delicate, so you must take special care of it. Unlike youngsters who can take care of jewelry, kids can’t take care of the jewelry they wear.

how to properly clean jewelry for kids: tips & tricks

And if you are buying jewelry for kids, you will have to consider the cleaning part. Cleaning jewelry also depends on the jewelry kind. If it’s gold, you can use different solutions or soap water to get rid of residue. If it’s silver, you can use a special silver solution to clear the delicate pieces, and if it’s pearl, you can do it with a soft cloth. Listed are some tips to clean kids’ jewelry, so read on.

Keep it away from sunlight and store it properly

Jewelry can be easily tarnished, so you must keep it away from direct sunlight. Direct sun exposure for a long time can affect the shine of the jewelry. High humidity can also cause jewelry to lose its shine.

It is essential to store your kid’s jewelry in a dark box or away from the sunlight. Additionally, you will have to pay special attention to the way you store the jewelry.

If the piece is delicate, always store it in the box of purchase. You can use simple zip-lock pouches to store jewelry pieces.

Cleaning gold jewelry

You need to clean gold jewelry after every two-three months. You can use soap liquid, and water for cleaning the jewelry. Add a part of the soap liquid to warm water, and keep it for a while.

Soak the jewelry into it and wait for five minutes. You can then remove the jewelry piece and wash it under water or use another one with clean water.

Then use a soft cotton cloth and wipe the jewelry piece, and it will naturally shine. You can also take a part of baking soda in warm water as it helps to clean the grim and dirt from kids’ jewelry.

Cleaning silver jewelry

Kids love their silver jewelry pieces, but it fades and loses shine over time. An easy way to clean silver jewelry is to use baking soda and salt. You can take a pan and place some baking soda and salt in the pan.

Now, add water to the pan until the solution saturates. Let everything settle down, and keep your jewelry together for a while.

You will have to wait for a while. After a while, the sulfide layer will disappear, and you can pat dry your jewelry using a lint-free cloth. It is the best way to clean your silver jewelry.

Try using toothpaste

Most people use toothpaste to clean jewelry. You can do that by using a brush and paste. Rub your jewelry with mild toothpaste and wash it under warm water. Pat dry using a soft cloth, and you will notice a natural shine. But remember to use the original white toothpaste.

You can clean and store kids’ jewelry pieces with care so that it improves the life of the jewelry.

How do you clean your jewelry? Let me know in the comments.

Chantel Keona

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