5 Must-Try Experiences When Visiting San Andres Island

Happy Saturday! For today’s lifestyle post I’m back sharing another travel-inspired post this time I’m talking about San Andres which is owned by the South American Country, Colombia and is very reminiscent of Miami and Cancun, San Andres is the vacation spot for native mainland Colombians who are looking for some island fun. Arriving to the island is quite simple and easy. This island has so much to offer from fresh seafood, colorful backdrops, and a vibrant Rasta culture if you are interested in learning more than keep reading for all the deets.

5 must-try experiences when visiting san andres island

Have A Photoshoot

San Andres is a content creator’s dream destination. The entire island is filled with colorful backgrounds to make any photo standout.

Eat Fresh Seafood

Gourmet Shop Assho carry’s mostly seafood and the vibe is great for tourist. The place has an amazing menu and is a cool hangout spot.

Snorkel Or Take A Diving Tour

San Andres is known for its underwater travel. There are several tour operators around the island that offer a variety of snorkel and scuba diving excursions. Simply find the one that best suits you and your schedule, and enjoy.

Visit Their Outdoor Mall

Visit the large outdoor mall that is just steps away from the beach. This mall spans a few streets and has everything from Nike to local and regional brands.

Rent A Cabana

The beaches offer refreshing drinks and adult beverages. Enjoy your cabana with a fresh order of ceviche, so sit back and relax.

What island would you like to visit next year? Let me know in the comments.

Chantel Keona

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