Nose Piercing: Scars, Causes, Treatment, and Healing

A piercing on the skin is just like any other wound that heals as the skin repairs itself by making collagen, the protein that gives skin its strength and structure. A nose piercing scar is a raised scar that forms while the piercing heals. It is a firm, red or pink scar, thicker than normal scars, and it can even be painful and itchy.

Since the cartilage does not heal as well as the other tissues, these scars are common with nose and ear piercings. Though these scars are harmless and can shrink and flatten with time, they are a crucial cosmetic issue you need to take proper steps to deal with.

nose piercing: scars, causes, treatment, and healing

Causes of Nose Piercing Scars

The main cause of a nose piercing scar is an allergic reaction or an infection that irritates the piercing site. Not all, but some people with compromised health conditions are prone to develop piercing scars. Under healthy circumstances, the body does not create scar tissue around the ear or nose piercing. In the ones prone to scarring, the piercing scar can also form a bump around the piercing site and make it appear as if the piercing is sinking into the hole.

Remember that scars on nose piercings or any other form of piercing are caused by the same thing that causes other forms of scars- trauma. This includes cleaning the nose piercing to a point where it starts irritating your skin. Changing jewelry too often can also traumatize the piercing, especially when the piercing is still healing. The nose pin or stud you wore for the first time after getting the piercing should be in there until the piercing is completely healed. This can take a few months.

Treatment for Nose Piercing Scars

Getting some scar treatment options from your piercer is always a promising idea. They can offer you the best suggestions based on your piercing and symptoms. And yes, do not treat the scar when it is still young. Wait for the initial piercing wound to heal and then treat the scar. The best treatment options for nose piercing scars include:

  • Saline or salt soaks: Adding iodine-free salt to warm water and applying the mixture of the piercing for five to ten minutes can speed up the healing procedure.
  • Chamomile soaks: Even chamomile tea bags soaked in warm water and applied to the piercing site for three to five minutes can be great for faster skin repair.
  • Pressure: You can use different tapes, bandages, and massages to break down the scar tissue easily and affordably.
  • Jewelry swap: Opt for new and good-quality jewelry for the piercing because low-quality pieces can cause skin irritation.
  • Silicone gel: An over-the-counter silicone gel flattens and softens nose piercing scars when applied at least twice daily.

Healing of a Nose Piercing Scar

Nose piercing scars are benign. Healing these scars involves taking diligent care of the new piercings. Try cleaning the piercings daily, and do not touch your jewelry very often. This helps to minimize irritation, trauma, and other problems. Follow the aftercare routine suggested by your piercer as it is the best way to heal your piercing faster and more appropriately.


Nose piercings are quite satisfying, because of the many options in nose piercing jewelry. But the piercings can be troublesome if you do not take care of them, and only proper care of the piercing can help you avoid those ugly scars.

Are you a fan of nose piercings? Let me know in the comments.

Chantel Keona

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