The Perfect Scents To Try This Fall Season

Happy Friday! Fall is upon us, and I am so looking forward to the cooler weather, the upcoming holiday season, and course all of the fall decor. While we are upgrading our homes and routines let’s not forget about our signature scents. Sometimes finding a new perfume can be stressful because of all of the keynotes and finding what fits best with your body chemistry. If you are looking for a new autumn scent, then keep reading for all the deets.

the perfect scents to try this fall season

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet; $148.00

Princess; $120.00

Lovefest Burning Cherry; $118.00

English Pear & Freesia; $155.00

Replica; $144.00

Libre; $140.00

Donna Born in Roma; $138.00

Good Fortune; $168.00

Flora Gorgeous Jasmine; $149.00

Daisy Ever So Fresh; $157.00

Bright Crystal; $105.00

Magnolia Bliss; $140.00

What scent do you love to wear during the fall season? Let me know in the comments.

Chantel Keona

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