Rock Tie-Dye This Summer

Happy Tuesday! I’m a big fan of bold fashion including prints and one of my all-time favorites is tie-dye I think it is so cool and fun to wear especially during the summer. Tie-Dye is quite popular for festivals and performances however I think this trend can be worn in your everyday life. Tie-Dye has been known as the uniform for Hippie culture because of the bold colors that represent love and peace. I personally enjoy wearing tie-dye because it gives me the freedom to creatively express myself. Tie-Dye is very versatile and if you are looking for some cool pieces to rock this summer then keep reading for all the deets.

rock tie-dye this summer

While We’re aWake Green Tie-Dye Shorts; $15.00

Abercrombie & Fitch YPB Pride Tank; $30.00

Halara Halter Tie-Dye Backless Crisscross Textured Jumpsuit; $30.00

Pandora ME Styling Tie-Dye Double Link; $35.00

Heart Blaster Relax Pants Sage/Black Splat; $48.00

Superga Tie-Dye Yellow Multi; $60.00

Zadig & Voltaire Tie-Dye One Piece Swimsuit; $248.00

Are you a fan of wearing Tie-Dye? Let me know in the comments.

Chantel Keona

6 thoughts on “Rock Tie-Dye This Summer

  1. I used to have so much tie dye stuff when I was younger even beanie babies lol. I would definitely add some to my wardrobe but I would have to look at the colors so they don’t clash too much with my hair. lol.

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