The Most Popular Shoe Trends

With a new season around the corner now is the perfect time to revamp your closet with exclusive footwear, from sandals, boots, and sneakers if you need help finding the perfect pair of shoes then keep reading because we have compiled this list to help you find your perfect one.

the most popular shoe trends

Chunky Sole Sandal

Lightweight, loosely yet firmly tied shoelaces with an oversized chunk sole padded with memory foam in a sandal. It is an easy-to-carry, sustainable made for beach footwear. Open from the front to help you get that beach tan while you walk around being the Hawaiian diva you can be.

Lace-Up Boots

It can be paired with any piece of clothing from any aesthetic, just to create a bold statement of your presence. Heavy, sturdy, and loud, just how you want it to be. Laces tied from the ankle till the knees, a piece of exclusive footwear for your vibe.

Rainbow Brights

A pair of gold-colored heels with a chamber lock fleeced with a satin rainbow lace gives that feeling of soft and smooth essence. Perfect for a ramp walk or walk of pride anywhere, from beaches to bars. Pairing it up with a long gown is the ideal showstopper for any occasion.

High Platforms

Platforms give rise to your already heightened sense of beauty. Suppose the height boosts your confidence. The taller, the better. Comfortable for short periods gives an elegance to the walk and a kingmaker aesthetic to the look. If women in power were exclusive footwear range, this would be it.

Student Loafers

Loafers with a solid footstep, in a neutral-colored discipline aesthetic suiting the academic inside you. Student Loafers have been an all-time trend, fusion with platform design it has maintained its presence and sale consistently and increasingly.


More a work of art than footwear, a range of exclusive footwear by Chelsea Paris. Lightweight is described as reversed pair of heels, heightened by a pole-like design. Cross toed, narrow piece of faux leather slashing across giving its name.

Gelato Heels

An exclusive adoption of art from Song of Style exclusive range, Gelato Heel is of geometric structure and color block. Heightened by a sphere-like structured as Slashes. It is made of elements of this footwear to love.

Thick Chains

Thick Chain footwear is used as an alternative to lace or the design of the front of a shoe. It is used to characterize money and luxury often associated with rappers as a symbol of the ‘Bling’ aesthetic.

Air Cushion Flops

Flip flops of ultimate comfort, it feels like walking on air because you are walking on air. It keeps the feet comfortable and dry while keeping it lightweight enough to be carried with a beach dress. Perfect go-to footwear for a long sizzling summer day.

Duna Sandals

Ever wondered what would be the cross between butter, sponge, and sandal be? However, if you want to feel what would it be like Duna Sandal is what you should try. It is a platform-like comfortable pair of sandals in slides form made to maximize comfort from a long day of work.

The Chidi

If you find your footwear choices getting limited by the rise of platforms and heels, don’t you worry. Chidi is a flat sandal laced-up lightly by bold and sensual red and black leather knot known for making a statement. A conceptual adaption from various sources it serves an eye-pleasing purpose as much as being functional.

Neutral Clogs

If there was a saint in the Clogs community, it must be Neutral Clogs. It is of premium design and sports neutral colors, a subtle sign of being humble. Supported by a foot strap lock and a straight flat pad of cushion for quick access. Perfect fit for casual walks across the town and back.

Woven Clogs

However, words of description are beyond the comfort one can experience while sporting Woven Clogs. Made specifically to be used in homes and domestic setup of comfort, it lacks actual padding of any sort. However, the material and the stitching used in these clogs are top-notch.

Retro Sneakers

No piece of exclusive footwear ranging from sandals to clogs can match up with style and how cool a pair of retro sneakers are. Sneakers which are a symbol of the youth movement of Gen Z with a retro theme reminding them of days of colors.

Kitten Sole

Not sure if you want to heighten your already taller than ever with confidence but still obsessed with heels? Kitten Sole is what you are looking for. Baby kitten-style footwear is flat, bold, and deserving of the love it would get in your collection. You can easily pair it with a pencil dress and be sure to be pampered like what you deserve.

Lug – Sole Boots

Boots suited for the fall and winter season, made specially to be worn when the ground starts getting sloppy. A rubber representative in the boots form factor family, waiting to be paired with a set of winter shades and a falling dress. This brings you closer to fulfilling your dreams of playing in the snow.

Fur Sneakers

Cozy, cute fur made fuzzy slides, feels like a bear hug on your feet. Fuzzy slides design factor lightweight enough to be worn in and out of the house. Expressing a sense of the extreme level of luxury, can be themed in Princess Sneakers or anything you like. If there was a royal aesthetic in footwear it is described by Fur Footwear.

Ballet Flats

Nobody thought if a footwear range were to make a comeback it would be Ballet Flats. Intended for use solely by ballet dancers, these comparably comfortable yet pleasing pair of footwear should be your go-to style for delicate looks. Serves as a flat in the world of platforms it is one of its kind.

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Krupali Mandavia is a Content Strategist and Growth Head at Maharani Women which is an Online Fashion Store for Women. She is fond of reading books on fashion and lifestyle.

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