Hoop Nose Rings Or Cartilage Earrings – Which Jewelry Suits You the Best

Undoubtedly, jewelry is a woman’s best friend. Since ancient times, women have always loved to be adorned with jewelry to highlight their femininity.

Jewelry makes a woman feel confident, elegant, and beautiful, highlighting her personality. Wearing the right pieces of jewelry can enhance your best features. These trends change over generations as unique ornament pieces help them stand out.

But choosing the right jewelry is art too. Bold jewelry like hoop nose rings and cartilage earrings are currently in trend. Here, we have discussed them to help you find out which jewelry will suit you the best.

Hoop Nose Rings

Hoop nose rings, popularly called nose hoops, are now popular among women.

They are available in assorted colors and can be made up of surgical stainless steel, gold, silver, titanium, and other rare metals. They are also available in varied sizes and styles. Nose hoops come studded with gemstones or diamonds that add to the glory of these statement jewelry pieces.

Mostly, these hoops are open at one end, and on the other side, there is a small flat disc. There are nose circulars that are designed for nostril piercings.

If you have a long and narrow nose, you should go for hoop nose rings. Nose rings studded with pearls and stones, or diamonds look great with more dressy outfits. You can wear them on special occasions and complement your whole look. If you want something to wear daily, you can go for smaller hoop nose rings.

Cartilage Earrings

Cartilage piercings on the ear are the piercings done on the hard part of the ear. So, any piercings other than earlobes is called cartilage piercing.

Cartilage earrings differ from regular earrings as they are thinner and have smaller gauge bars. They are considered quite fashionable these days. This trend has surged in recent times. People love to accent their ears with hoops, funky studs, bead rings, dangling studs, cartilage chains, shields, barbells, etc. Whether you are a minimalist or love to flaunt your jewelry, there are many options available to choose from.

You can go for timeless designs like simple bar studs. They look good with every outfit. Even delicate hoops can change your look, keeping it minimal and elegant. It gives you a more refined look. You can for an edgy look with dangling cartilage studs. Also, studs embellished with diamonds will upgrade your style statement as one can never go wrong with diamonds!

Another experiment that you can do with cartilage earrings is Bohemian styling. You can layer your cartilage earrings and use captive bead designs, cartilage shields, and chains for that quintessentially Bohemian look.


So, there is no clear winner in this battle between hoop nose rings and cartilage earrings. While both are beautiful pieces of jewelry, women wear them on different body parts. If you don’t go for heavy jewelry looks, you can go for one at a time or buy both in minimal designs. However, if you love jeweling up, wear them both and slay your bedazzled look! It is all how you decide to style yourself!

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