6 Self-Care Tips For Caregivers

Happy Thursday! Caring for a loved one whether it’s a family member or a friend can be difficult and as a caregiver it can change your life drastically and not just financially. If you are in need of support, then keep reading for all the deets.

6 self-care tips for caregivers

You cannot truly care for others if you are not taking care of your self first.

  1. Caregivers come in many different forms. Taking care of another person just doesn’t mean physically ill, it can also be caring for someone who is mentally ill, mental health difficulties, a child, your parents, or somebody’s financial burdens.
  2. Give yourself credit. Don’t bypass the opportunity to pat yourself on the back when you are doing a good job. Affirm the moment and reinforce the message that you are doing a great job as a caregiver, practice a mantra or buy yourself some flowers.
  3. Accept help. Allow for people to actually show up for you and come through for you in whatever way you need. Ask for help and allow yourself to receive it.
  4. Set boundaries. Allow yourself to establish the boundaries that will keep you sane and healthy while you care for someone else.
  5. Recognize the signs of caregiver burnout. Caring for somebody especially on a long-term basis, means that you can become very vulnerable to emotional stressors. This includes feeling irritable, feeling sad, hopeless, and losing sleep.
  6. Set aside time for your own self-care. If you’re feeling depleted or constantly worn out it is important to factor in self-care practices, especially at the top of your day before you start to care for somebody else.

Are you a caregiver of some sort? Let me know in the comments.

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