5 Great Curvy Girl Prom Hacks To Help You Look And Feel Gorgeous All Night Long

The prom is the one event in the year when you need to put your best foot forward and really shine. While looking good is an obvious priority, we also need to feel comfortable; many girls have paid the price for focusing on looks alone and with that in mind, we picked up a few hacks on how to stay cool during your prom night.

Image Source: Unsplash
  1. Think Foot Care – Prom shoes are always heavy on the feet; that high-heel posture really does work the ankles and if you’re dancing all night long, you should pack a pair of sneakers. Most prom parties end up outside and walking around in the dark with high heel shoes is a recipe for disaster. While you can give your feet a treat with a warm water soak after the event, you could massage some Vaseline skin cream into your feet the day before the dance. You might even be able to wear those pink Nikes to the prom!
  2. Wear Boy’s Shorts – Unless you’re wearing a tight LBD or a slick mermaid number, you can wear a pair of thin boy’s shorts, which will prevent chaffing, a common problem at a prom dance, thanks to the intense dancing sessions that always arrive. When looking at plus size prom dresses 2022 trends, make sure that you can wear something underneath and you’ll be glad you did, especially if the summer of 2022 is hotter than this year.
  3. Quality Bra – The plus size girl has to worry about her bust, especially when on the dance floor and if there’s ever a time for a quality bra with great support, this is it! A strapless bra is ideal and Google can help you find the right support to ensure you don’t have an embarrassing release!
  4. Baby Wipes – Keep a few in your clutch bag and you’ll be glad that you did and should there be any spills, you are prepared. Why not bring a few extra? Your friends will be so happy after a long session on the dance floor and you’ll gain a reputation as the girl who thinks of everything!
  5. The Final Cut – The chances of you ordering a designer dress that fits like a glove are one in a million and wearing such a gown for 10-12 hours would be an uncomfortable experience. Take the gown to a local seamstress for the inevitable final adjustments, which means ordering a little bit earlier than you normally would. If the waist is a little tight, as the hours roll by, you are likely to develop a skin rash, due to the constant chaffing, so let the professional seamstress work her magic by taking a little in here and letting out a little there. A guide to measuring accurately is available online. All you need is a quick search through Google to find related articles.
Image Source: Pixabay


With a little preparation, you can be sure that your prom experience will be a comfortable one and that slick designer dress will be the talk of the town!

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