Foot Masks You Must Add To Your Skincare Routine

Happy Beauty Friday! As we enter a new season it is time for us to switch up our self-care routine and it’s important that we do not neglect any parts of our body especially our feet. Foot masks have become increasingly popular, who doesn’t want to have nice silky and smooth feet? If you are interested in learning more about foot masks then keep on reading for all the deets.

foot masks you must add to your skincare routine

Unmasque Beauty Masque Bar Intensive Moisturizing Foot Masks; $4.99

TonyMoly I’m Lovely Peach Foot Masks; $5.50

Earth Therapeutics Gentle Peeling Foot Masks w/Hemp Seed Oil; $7.99

Cote Foot Mask w/Plant Collagen; $8.00

CBDfx Foot Mask; $9.99

Soft Touch Foot Peel Mask; $21.99

Naturally London Refreshing Creamy Foot Masque; $29.00

Have your ever used a foot mask before? Let me know in the comments.

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