Is It Okay For Me To Use Strip Lashes With My Lash Extensions?

Party season is practically here, and we as a whole love getting ourselves super-full occasion lashes–following a difficult year, haven’t we acquired it? Since large numbers of us wear lash expansions consistently, it’s not difficult to become acclimated to the stunning long lashes that we find in the mirror every morning. With regards to outfit gatherings or uncommon events, now and then it very well may be enticing to pop thick strip lashes on for a more extreme look than your ordinary lash augmentations. As individual excellence darlings, we can see yet as lash professionals, we say kindly, kindly don’t!

is it okay for me to use strip lashes with my lash extensions?

Strip lashes may make for a spectacular search for one evening, yet the harm they never really lash augmentations will keep going for quite a long time. Applying thick, substantial pieces of engineered lashes over your augmentations burdens the lashes, stressing the expansions and the regular lashes all the while also the paste! You’d never fantasy about spilling tacky, tasteless substances over your lash expansions on some other event, and strip lashes are the same. Glue from strip lashes solidifies in your augmentations, clustering them and at times tearing them out inside and out it is in every case simple to see whether strips or individual falsies have been applied, since it’s almost difficult to get all the paste out of the roots (in any event, for a lash specialist).

Selecting bits of the paste during an arrangement is a precarious errand, and frequently impacts the measure of time your professional can spend applying augmentations or fixing harmed ones. In case you’re feeling that desire for the strip-lash look, have a visit to your beautician about it–we have a wide range of tips and deceives to get that additional mile out of your lashes, and love attempting to switch around your style on the off chance that you have an extraordinary occasion. Level lashes are frequently an incredible option in contrast to strips or individual falsies, as their level tightened bases to give the hallucination of a thicker look.

Or then again you could generally check our volume lashes out these astute lashes are applied in super-light fan shapes for a definitive cushion! Just let us know whether you were considering changing everything around for your next infill, and we can give a valiant effort to get it going.

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