How To Take Care Of Your Skin When You Wear A Lot Of Makeup

If you love to wear makeup and do so often, you may notice more zits, blotches, redness, and skin dryness as a result. While some of these concerns might be a reaction to the products you use, they can also be triggered by wearing too much makeup.

how to take care of your skin when you wear a lot of makeup

The truth is makeup can help you look and feel your best, but it can also take a toll on your skin. If you wear makeup regularly, be sure to protect and care for your complexion using some of our favorite tips and tricks below.

Remember To Take Your Makeup Off At Night

If you are going to wear a lot of makeup, you will need to make a habit of removing it at night. Before you go to bed, use a makeup wipe or liquid remover to gently cleanse your face. Take off your eyelashes, wipe away your concealer, and rinse any lip color and eye shadow to ensure your skin gets the break it needs while you’re sleeping. Everyone wants to have that perfect “I-woke-up-like-this” look, and this is the best thing you can do to achieve that in the long run!

Keep It Natural

We get it: sometimes it’s fun to go all out with a dramatic look but keeping things light and natural on the regular can-do wonders for your complexion. Not only that but wearing eyelashes as well as beauty products that are made of natural, organic ingredients is also part of what we mean when we say keep it natural. Such items are more likely to be gentle on your skin and easier to remove at the end of the day. They are also less likely to trigger allergic reactions, redness, and blotching.


A good exfoliator is a skincare essential whether you wear makeup or not. Exfoliating once a week helps remove dead skin cells and any impurities from the top surface of the skin. This includes oils and compounds left behind by makeup. Products that exfoliate your skin can also encourage new, healthy skin to grow back, leaving you feeling and looking radiant and fresh. Another bonus of exfoliating regularly: removing excess oils can help unclog your pores for a smoother surface that allows for effortless makeup application and photo-finish blending.

Use The Right Tools

Sure, some products may be easier to apply with your fingers or hands. But before you decide to skip using your sponge or makeup brushes, just remember that your hands can have a lot of germs and bacteria on them. Touching your face transfers those germs, as well as any oils you might have on your fingertips. This can lead to clogged pores, blemishes, acne, and makeup that looks shiny and oily. Instead of using your hands and fingers, opt for beauty brushes and lash applicators. These not only protect your face from germs but can also provide a better, more precise finish.

Be Gentle

Speaking of makeup brushes—when it comes to application, you may feel that rubbing your favorite beauty product into your skin gets it to blend better and match your natural skin tone and texture. However, it’s best to dab and be gentle, particularly around delicate areas like the eye. That’s why we suggest using eyeliner brushes and face brushes when possible. Intense rubbing tends to pull and stretch the skin, which can lead to premature lines and wrinkles. It can also cause damage to your complexion. In addition to protecting your skin, dabbing your makeup can also increase circulation so you’ll have a natural glow.

Prep Properly

Before you apply your makeup, remember to prep it properly. Think of your face as a blank canvas—no artist would just jump in without making sure they’ve set the perfect base for their next masterpiece! Start by applying a primer or moisturizer and massaging it into your skin. This can help nourish your skin and create a smoother foundation that allows makeup to glide on with ease. Primers can also make your look last longer and help your makeup be easier to remove at the end of the day.

Guest Post by: Tess DiNapoli

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