#CKBeauty: Deep Pore Charcoal Facial Cleanser Review

Happy Beauty Monday! I love finding beauty products at my local Dollar Tree to test out because they are always affordable so if it doesn’t work out for me it’s ok because I didn’t spend an arm and a leg for it. A few weeks ago I was with my mom and we were browsing the store and I came across this face wash that I wanted to try because I ran out of my facial cleanser. I have been using this product both in the morning and at night so now I’m ready to share my thoughts with you guys so keep reading for all the deets.

#ckbeauty: deep pore charcoal facial cleanser review

Deep Pore Charcoal Facial Cleanser

Price: $1.00

Description: Great for oily skin. This facial cleanser will help clean up any unwanted acne and other skin blemishes. It will also help maintain healthy glowing skin. Ideal for home use and resale in spas, salons, beauty supply stores, and more.

Like I previously mentioned I have added this face cleanser to my skincare routine and for only $1.00 I am very impressed with the results. After I use this product my skin looks amazing, glowy, healthy and soft. I definitely recommend this product to any of you especially if you have oily skin like me then this is a must-have.

What facial cleanser are you currently using? Let me know in the comments.

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