Hair Straightening Tools You Need to Get Silky Smooth Hair

With the right hair straightening tools, it is possible to give yourself silky straight hair from the comfort of your home! Find everything you need to achieve the silky straight look in this article. From hair straighteners, oils to round brushes.

What Straightening Tool Do You Need to Get Silky Smooth Hair?

For most people, straight hair starts and ends with a hair straightener. However, some other tools help you take your unruly tresses into silky straight strands. They are:


The market today is filled with hair straighteners, each with a different size and design. Some have titanium plates, a slimline design, thick plates, and various features that make them worth the investment.

Bulldog Clips

If you have curly or thick tresses, you will need to section your hair and straighten it in layers. This is where bulldog clips come in handy. They help you section your hair while you work on the different layers at your pace.


There are different kinds of brushes – for this article, we will focus on the regular hairbrush and the round brush. Round brushes are more suited for individuals with curly hair.

You can use the brush to guide your hair into the hair straightener. That way, you have smoother, tangle-free hair.

What is the Best Hair Straightener for Silky Smooth Hair?

These hair straightening tools give you room to create your designed look, from a sleek blowout to perfectly straight hairstyles. Check these three hair straighteners out.

Chi Lava Ceramic Hairstyling Iron

The Chi Lava Ceramic Hairstyling iron uses ceramic plates infused with volcanic lava to straighten your hair gently.

With this straightening tool, you can style your hair at lower than average temperatures and reduce the risk of damage to the hair.

Remington 1” Flat Iron

The Remington 1” Flat Iron boasts of antistatic technology to help your hair stay frizz-less. The ceramic plates infused with titanium heat up quickly, so you spend less time on styling.

With its personalized heat settings, you can switch to the best heat range for your hair texture.

Bio Ionic Onepass Styling Iron

The Bio Ionic Onepass Styling Iron works great for fine hair. Its top features are: 30 minutes auto shut off, Nanolonic MX infused plates, digital temperature display, and soft finish.

The Nanolic MX helps to hydrate dry hair and give your straightened hair that dope silky look.

Bonus: Tips for Buying Hair Straightening Tools in 2021

Pay attention to the manufacturer’s manual – it will tell you the features the hair straightener comes with. Go for tools covered with warranty, have great reviews, and features that allow them to meet your hair’s needs.

You can look out for straighteners with anti-static technology, customizable temperature and auto shut off features.


Achieving silky straight hair is possible if you have the proper hair straightening tools. These tools range from a round brush to the protective oils and hair straightener itself. With this article, your journey to silky straight hair will be a breeze.

What products do you use to achieve your straight hair? Let me know in the comments.

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