7 Natural Deodorants To Try

Happy Beauty Wednesday! I don’t know about you guys but where I live we are dealing with 100 degree weather on a daily basis so it is very important to take care of your hygiene especially your delicate parts like your underarms. Just like your face, dead skin and bacteria can appear in your underarm pores so it is important to use a gentle exfoliating body wash a few times a week to remove dirt that can cause irritation. If you are looking for natural deodorants that will keep you fresh then keep reading for all the deets.

7 natural deodorants to try

Hello Fragrance-Free Deodorant; $6.99

Hey Humans Naturally Derived Deodorant; $4.99

Native Deodorant; $11.97

Nubian Heritage African Black Soap 24 Hour Deodorant; $8.99

Schmidt’s Naturals Deodorant; $7.99

Tom’s of Maine Natural Strength Deodorant; $4.99

Malin + Goetz Botanical Deodorant; $22.00

Have you guys tried natural deodorant before? Let me know in the comments.

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