Twelve Tricks About BABY EARRINGS You Wish You Knew Before

Your babies are precious, they come in varying sizes, and charm you in no time. Doing ear piercings is not easy and getting the right pair of baby earrings for your child is equally difficult.

People often wonder, what could keep your baby’s piercings safe, what could keep your baby’s earrings in place? Well, of course, certain tricks do help keep your baby’s piercings and baby’s earrings in place.

Tricks around baby’s earrings you wish you knew before

  1. Baby earrings need to be rotated at least once during the day. Try rotating it clockwise a few times and then counterclockwise a few more times.
  2. Try to gift your kid, sleeper baby earrings made of 14K gold or stainless steel. Ideally, sleeper baby earrings are known as starter earrings and have post hinge formation which snaps into a V-lock pattern. It means you would not need any earring-back locks in this case.
  3. Do not remove the dry, dead skin around your baby’s earrings, and do not touch the place at least for three days. Keep it moist with appropriate moisturizers (non-reactive and hypoallergenic varieties).
  4. Sleeper baby earrings come as studs as wells as hoops and can be tried on newly pierced children easily. Try them as baby earrings and experience their comfort through your baby.
  5. Contrary to the belief that alcohol can heal your baby’s ear piercing, it can make their holes dry making them more prone to infections.
  6. Most people believe piercings should be done when the child is below six months. But the trick here is, to pierce their ears after six months since their ears are soft till then, and the baby’s body is still adapting to the new environment and their immunity is low.
  7. Use the needle and thread for piercing, and they won’t feel the prick, in general, when topical lidocaine (anesthetic cream) is used.
  8. Stopping the blood flow is best handled with a slice of ice. Hold it over the fresh piercing until the blood flow stops.
  9. Swimming and other strenuous activity including physical exercises must be prevented to ensure the child’s pierced area remains undisturbed.
  10. New skin and tissue grow back fast blocking the pore quickly in young children, so ensure to keep your baby’s earrings on, till six months to prevent the pores from closing.
  11. Before going for the piercings do the baby’s allergy tests for them, that way you can easily determine if he or she is allergic to any of the metals.
  12. Even if you’re putting sleeper baby earrings on your baby, try not to put the baby to sleep on his or her sides (if both ears are pierced). If one ear is pierced, try turning them on the other side.

Here a few tricks which can save your baby’s earrings and piercings. Don’t forget to consult a doctor immediately if an infection builds up around your baby’s earrings.

Would you get your babies ears pierced? Let me know in the comments.

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