#CKBeauty: Aromatherapy Relax Body Lotion Review

Happy Beauty Monday! I hope you guys are ready for some product reviews because I have a lot of amazing things to share with you all. For today’s beauty post I’m sharing a body lotion that has really elevated my self-care routine if you are interested in learning more than keep reading for all the deets.

#ckbeauty aromatherapy relax body lotion review

Description: Wind down with the soothing lavender chamomile scent of this Aromatherapy Body Lotion. These calming scents are a lovely way to end the day and begin your bedtime routine, helping you drift to sleep peacefully each night. Each 10 oz. bottle features a convenient pump for easy application. Ideal body lotion.

I use this lotion during my nighttime routine and let me tell you it is so amazing. I love the smell and it really moisturizes my skin and helps me sleep so peacefully. If any of my readers need help relaxing in the evenings then I definitely recommend this and best of all I purchased this product from my local Dollar Tree store for you guessed it a $1.00 how awesome it that!

What are your favorite body lotions? Let me know in the comments.

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