Lounge Sets Perfect For Working At Home

Happy Style Thursday! Since last year I am sure many of us have been living in sweats myself included. COVID-19 really came in our lives and changed everything from working from home to our personal style. Things are slowly starting to get a little better just in time for Spring 2021. Many of us however are still working from home which probably means business casual. If you are looking for new and trendy lounge sets to wear while working or running your errands please keep reading for all the deets.

lounge sets perfect for working at home

Daily Paper Misty Rose Frack Tape Jacket; $101.00

Daily Paper Misty Rose Flair Tape Pants; $101.00

Heron Preston Baby Heron Hoodie; $520.00

Heron Preston Sweatpants; $430.00

Sarai Jumper; $68.00

I Am Gia Sarai Pant; $68.00

Voncre Electric Hoodie; $100.00

Voncre Electric Sweats; $100.00

Gucci G Rhombus Jacket; $2,500.00

Gucci G Rhombus Jogging Pant; $1,500.00

Cherry LA Power Atelier Hoodie; $185.00

Cherry LA Power Atelier Sweatpants; $185.00

J Crew Vintage Cotton Terry Crewneck; $70.00

J Crew High-Rise Leggings; $70.00

Universal Standard Natalie Jersey Sleep Set; $75.00

Off-White Black & White Athletic Jumpsuit; $350.00

Madhappy Women’s Biker Tank; $60.00

Madhappy Women’s Biker Short; $60.00

Everlane The Japanese GoWeave Essential Jumpsuit; $90.00

Boohoo Oversized T-shirt & Cycling Short Set; $16.00

Which lounge set is your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

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