#CKBeauty Review: Chiwrapz Adamma Bonnet

Happy Beauty Tuesday! For today’s beauty post I’m so happy to share an amazing brand called Chiwrapz with all of my readers. I am so excited to share one of their products with you guys because I know you are going to love it so keep reading for all the deets.

#ckbeauty review: chiwrapz adamma bonnet

Description: The Chiwrapz bonnets are made with Ankara and poly-silk fabric. Ankara on the outside and poly-silk on the inside. Keeps you very stylish and cute. 100% Ankara print. To prevent friction between the Ankara fabric and hair when going to bed.

Care Instructions: Gentle cycle machine wash.

Price: $25.00

I have been wearing this bonnet for about a week now and I love it. The print is so pretty and keeps my hair protected throughout the night. The size is jumbo which I am very happy with because it can hold all of my hair whether I’m wearing my extensions or braids it fits so comfortable. I have been on the hunt for a new bonnet for a while so I am extremely impressed with the quality of this product. I recommend this brand for all of your hair care needs whether you need a headwrap or bonnet be sure to visit chiwrapz.com you will not be disappointed.

Where do you purchase your hair bonnets from? Let me know in the comments.

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