Ways You Can Wear Tie-Dye

Image Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/beRDGiXtBAk

With summer in full swing, you want to make sure your wardrobe is perfectly in season. From bright colors to funky patterns, the sky is the limit for outfit possibilities! Nothing says summer flair like crazy tie-dye patterns. Often, the image of tie-dye evokes memories of childhood and playing in the backyard, but tie-dye is just as much for adults too! Some of these collections are absolutely to die for and can be perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re running errands or hitting up the club with friends, tie-dye is the way to go. Check out some of the best ways you can wear tie-dye in your everyday life.

ways you can wear tie-dye

Get Creative

Mix and Match Patterns: A common mistake when it comes to planning fun outfits is that you can only wear one kind of pattern. Wrong! You definitely do not want your clothes to clash, but sometimes a little mix and match is exactly what an outfit needs to totally slay. Believe it or not, stripes and tie-dye are actually an amazing combination. As long as the colors are the same or at least complimentary, this combo is fire. Don’t be afraid to stand out! Inspire those around you with this awesome look.

Accessorize: Bring on the bling! But for real, accessories are more than just all things bright and shiny. How about a tie-dye scrunchy or a tie-dye headband? Or maybe a tie-dye scarf? These are incredibly simple additions to any outfit that will go a super long way. The practicality does not stop there either: tie-dye handbags give that extra oomph to an ensemble. These are so fun and would definitely light up any room. What is the last thing missing? Shoes! A tie-dye pair of sneakers or some super cute flip flops will be the icing on the cake.

Don’t Be Afraid of Denim: Maybe the last thing you would think of when it comes to tie-dye is denim, but it is so in right now. A tie-dye denim jacket adds that extra flavor to literally any outfit. Denim is fabulous because it goes with everything and is super convenient. You can throw it on whenever you need another layer or use it as your main piece. Even jean shorts look adorable and spunky in tie-dye. So, fear not and enjoy the jeans!


Image Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/NxifQ9AJTbA

Tops Galore: Now for the main course. There are so many options for tie-dye tops! From crop tops, to front ties, to long sleeves, tanks, and more, the possibilities are endless. Tops are the most common tie-dye conduit. They’re the go-to top for kids at summer camp and DIY craft nights for college students. But they can be the ultimate scene-stealer for adults too. You gotta love super comfy and chic tie-dye dresses, right? Wear what you love! The colors do not have to be over the top crazy. You can get subtle tie-dye too. Tie-dye can be anything from all of the colors of the rainbow to just two neutral colors blended together. Make it what you want.

Beach, Please: Did someone say beach trip? Yass! Tie-dye bathing suits are exactly what you need to sizzle seaside this year. Colors in the summer seem to shine even brighter. You will look so hot lounging on some white sand or even poolside in one of these bombshells. You can go with a tie-dye bathing suit or kimono or wrap. Whatever tie-dye water look you sport, you’ll be the envy of all. Hot tip: choose tie-dye colors that will compliment the color of the ocean and you’ll have one cute Instagram post.

Keep it Real


Image Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/uZCjG9GxaDE

Whether you are lounging out in comfy tie-dye loungewear sets for a stay at home day or stirring up some trouble on a night out, tie-dye is here for you. There are clearly so many options when it comes to this fashion choice. Looking for something extra fun to do? Make some tie-dye masterpieces at your own home and see what happens! Or shop some of the biggest names and brands for top quality attire. With so many tips and tricks online, you really can’t go wrong. Tie-dye keeps it real. It is super fresh and chic and totally fun.

Are you a fan of tie-dye? Let me know in the comments.

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