How To Stay Safe During A Pandemic

Happy Monday! The outbreak of coronavirus 2019 is very stressful for all of us. Fear and anxiety about any type of disease can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in adults and children. Although the majority of us are staying home a few of us still have to go out to work or to the stores to buy essential items for our households. One way that we can stay safe during this time is by wearing a disposable face mask. If you are interested in learning more then keep reading for all the deets.

how to stay safe during a pandemic

Masks can help reduce the spread of the flu or other respiratory viruses, they only do so if worn correctly and frequently.

Here are some tips on how to wear a mask:

  1. Wear a face mask when coming within 6 feet of a person.
  2. Position the strings to keep the mask firmly in place over the nose, mouth, and chin.
  3. Wear the mask in crowded places.

Disposable face mask are a must-have for all of us right now because the are pre-disinfected and they feature three layers which provide good protection and fit.

Disposable Masks; $9.99

Another important tool that we all need right now is a temperature gun to ensure that we do not have a temperature because unfortunately we all know that is a sympton of a virus. It is very important to measure our body’s temperature. Having a fever is the reaction to a disease specific stimuli. The body changes its normal temperature to support the body’s own defense mechanisms. Fever is the most common form of disease related increase in body temperature. The body temperature of a healthy person also changes throughout the day and depending on what activities they might be doing.

Non-Contact Digital Infrared Thermometer Body Temperature Gun; $89.99



Shieldhelp is a one stop shop to get all of your medical needs to ensure that you and your family and safe.

I hope all of my readers are staying safe and healthy.

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2 thoughts on “How To Stay Safe During A Pandemic

  1. My mom made me want to wrap around my nose and mouth. It has a few layers, is not so comfortable but will have to work as I don’t have another option now. I am glad I am mostly not leaving home right now.

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