9 Great Tips For A Tanzania Safari

In real life, you must take certain precautions. The animals you will see are wild, and it is you who is invading their natural space. The dangers can be real before the imprudence of the travellers, and not everything is allowed in the savanna. Easy Travel offers more tips and guides for trips to Tanzania safari. You can keep reading to know more about Tanzania Safari.

9 great tips for a tanzania safari

1. Always Look For The Best Photo Not everything goes to take a picture. A selfie close to certain animals can irritate and scare them while leaving the vehicle to capture a cheetah close-up can be deadly. It is important to be aware of the dangers of the savannah and, if you are very interested in photography, bet on a real photographic Tanzania safari.

2. Believe That It Is Always Hot In Africa
This is a myth that is necessary to banish. The weather in Africa – as in the rest of the continents – will depend on the area you visit, and the time of the year in which you do so. The safaris usually take place during the first hours of the day, at which time the temperatures are low.

3. Dress Like A 19th-Century Explorer
You may be tempted to buy an explorer’s hat, get pants and shirts that you will never use again, and put on some boots to walk the hardest roads in the jungle. While there are certain stylistic tips to follow in a safari, do not become obsessed: you do not need a suitcase full of clothes or you will have to do some pre safari shopping.

4. Think You’re Home
As much as you stay in camps and luxury resorts, you will barely live a few days among trees, rivers, and lakes. The territory is home to the wildlife of the region, they belong to them, and it will be you who must adapt to this environment. It is important to understand the key role that tourism has in Africa, supporting it in its protection and development; and every traveller who visits the continent must be part of it.

5. Be A Smarty
As much as you know about Africa, wildlife, safari guides, and rangers will probably know more. Many of them have spent their entire professional lives living among the savannas of Africa, they go out every day to enjoy the animals and the adjoining lands and have studied to know everything about wildlife. Do not be afraid to ask, the guides look for curious people with whom to share their knowledge.

6. Think You’re Going To Get A Disease
Although the reality is that the risk exists, taking precautions should not have any problem in this regard. Malaria is the most common disease when conducting a Tanzania safari. But only the female of a certain type of mosquito can transmit it. In the market, there are various pills to prevent its effects, while, diagnosed in time, it is a completely curable disease.

7. Go Out To The Savannah At Night On Your Foot
Most predators act at night. Temperatures are lower and their chances of hiding and attacking thus increase their prey. That is why night safaris are a great opportunity to see some of the great carnivores in action. Of course, do not think of going out only when the sun has fallen. You could become easy prey for lions, hyenas or leopards.

8. Expect A “Usual” Pace Of Life
The savannah has its rhythms and here life passes with different tempos. You will get up soon – very soon – to capture the first lights of the day. But then your day will pass with the classic African calm. Do not forget that it is you who must adapt and, once done you can enjoy this new rhythm of life.

9. Not Having An Open Mind
You’ll see things you’ve never seen before. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first, second or third time on a Tanzania safari. Africa always offers you new things. Make sure you travel without prejudice and maintain a positive, curious and imaginative attitude. Look at all the details; let yourself be impressed by birds, mammals, and plants. And enjoy every minute on your safari. Your future “I” will thank you for a lifetime.


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