Practice Self-Care Daily With These Tips

Happy Monday! I hope all of you guys have a blessed and productive week. For today’s post I want to talk about self-care because that is just as important as losing weight or eating healthier. It is 2020 and extremely important for us to recharge mentally, physically, and spiritually. If you are intentional 2020 can be your best year yet. If you are interested in learning how to prioritize your self-care then keep on reading for all the deets.

practice self-care daily with these tips

Meditate: Take a moment everyday to practice mindfulness. You can practice this on your own or even download a meditation app. Stay focused on your breath because it removes distractions, worries, and restlessness from the mind.

Gratitude List: It is important to cultivate a spirit of gratitude focusing on the things you are grateful for each day will help you feel happier, more centered and more self-confident.

Exercise: Benefits of exercise include mood improvement, stress reduction, better sleep, and a happier spirit.

Be Joyful: Laugh, listen to your favorite podcast, dance, color in an adult coloring book for 15 minutes or so. It can be anything that renews your spirit throughout the day.

Say No: Make it a priority to say no to any request to your time, energy and resources that don’t align with your wants or needs. It’s necessary to preserve your sanity.

Take A Personal Day: Set aside one day per week as “you” time. Just a day to spend time with yourself doing whatever you want to do. Just make sure you’re the priority that day.

Incorporate Healthy Habits: Small changes will make a big difference. Something as simple as drinking more water will have you hydrated, healthy, and happy.

Try Something New: The benefits of regularly engaging in a creative activity can help make you a better problem solver, expand your sense of time, improve your self-awareness and reduce your urge to buy compulsively.

Get Rid Of Negativity: Above all things protect your energy. Once you find the source of any negativity don’t hesitate to cut it off. This will make a world of difference for your spirit and life.

How do you practice self-care? Let me know in the comments.

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