#BeautyReview: Clair Beauty Rose & Cactus Ultra Nourishing Facial Mist

Happy Beauty Thursday! I hope you guys are ready for another skin care review because today I’m sharing a must-have facial mist that I discovered at my favorite store DD’s Discounts. I have never used any products by this brand Clair Beauty before so if you are interested in learning more then please keep reading for all the deets.

#beautyreview: clair beauty rose & cactus ultra nourishing facial mist

Clair Beauty Rose & Cactus Ultra Nourishing Facial Mist; $2.99

Description: This hydrating facial mist is infused with Rose Oil and Cactus which is high in essential fatty acids, Vitamin E and antioxidants. It will leave your face feeling refreshed, moisturized and glowing. Mist in the morning, post workout, before sleep, on the go, to set makeup or as a boost to other moisturizers.

Directions: Hold bottle several inches from face and spray a layer of mist on face and neck, over makeup or bare skin.

I am a huge fan of facial mist especially over my makeup, I think it makes my makeup pop especially my highlight and I just love how my skin looks over all after I use this mist. Sometimes I also use this facial mist at night during my skin care routine and I love how my skin feels, its hydrated and feels so amazing. I think I will always use a facial mist and I am pleasantly surprised by this brand Clair Beauty and I would definitely want to try other products from them.

What facial mist are you currently using? Let me know in the comments.

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7 thoughts on “#BeautyReview: Clair Beauty Rose & Cactus Ultra Nourishing Facial Mist

  1. I actually haven’t really used one in quite a while. I had an allergic reaction to something around the skin of my eye…I’m better now but I’d like to start using one again 😺

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