How To Choose Jewelry For Piercings

Nipple piercing, a painful pleasure indeed! Do you have any doubt about this? I think No! So, your nipple piercing has healed, and you are all prepped up to display exclusive nipple jewelry. Now what? You can get all hot and sexy by going for gold rings for the piercing on your nipple. Does that sound wise enough, or do you have other ideas in mind? Flaunt this trend on your body in great style by going through our nipple jewelry guide. This will turn things up for you by allowing you to make the right choice without going through any hassle.

how to choose jewelry for piercings

Selecting the Perfect Nipple Jewelry Material

You need to know the material of the nipple jewelry. This goes for people who are allergic to certain metals or the ones who have sensitive skin. The majority of the stores deal in nipple piercing jewelry made of PTFE, niobium, gold, stainless steel, and titanium. PTFE is also called BioPlast or BioFlex, and it is completely hypoallergenic.

Understand the Threading Procedure

For the ones looking to adorn their nipples using barbells, it is necessary to understand threading. External threading does not seem to be perfect for nipple piercing. The process of internal threading involves boring threads into the shafts of nipple jewelry. This helps the wearer in having smooth shafts to be inserted into their piercings.

Choosing the Right Style

Speaking of choosing nipple jewelry that offers the perfect style and helps the wearer in making a bold statement, there are varied options available. These include:

• Straight Barbells: These are the most practical pieces of jewelry for nipple piercings. Users have the option of going for simple barbells. Nevertheless, they can even choose ends in varied colors. If you are looking to don a classy but simple style, it would be an excellent option for you to go for pearl barbells.

• Nipple Piercing Rings: Both men and women can use these. Nipple rings go a long way in helping the wearer create a segment, seamless and captive appearance. You will find varied designs in this category. Take, for instance, clicker rings made of gold and adorned with colorful gemstones are ideal for achieving the appearance of a gorgeous and colorful nipple piercing.

• Nipple Shields: These are fun additions to the body jewelry of an individual. The ones in intricate designs help in imparting an artistic and exclusive appearance to nipple piercings.

• Bent and Circular Barbells: Yet another practical solution for the ones who find it very difficult to embellish their nipple perforations. You can opt for gold or diamond barbells in a circular shape for adding great sophistication to the piercing on your nipple. The gem-encrusted appearance is not hard to achieve, as well. You need to choose barbells adorned with precious stones.

Hopefully, you now have a clear mind regarding how and what to choose for your nipple piercing.


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