7 Nail Trends To Try This Valentine’s Day

Happy Beauty Tuesday! Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and many of us are planning romantic dinners, gifts, outfits, and of course our makeup looks but lets not forget about our nails when we are getting all dolled up. Whether you want to be extra or simple keep reading because I’m sharing nail trends to try out this Valentine’s Day.

7 nail trends to try this valentine’s day

Nail Trend #1: Abstract Art

Source: Instagram/@__luxk

Nail Trend #2: Glass Floral Tips

Source: Instagram/@jareevinson

Nail Trend #3: Neon

Source: Instagram/@joelei_theartist

Nail Trend #4: Blue

Source: Instagram/@bluesy_nails

Nail Trend #5: Metals

Source: Instagram/@tonysnail

Nail Trend #6: Matte Purple

Source: Instagram/@__luxk

Nail Trend #7: Animal Print

Source: Instagram/@thehouseofnailscork

What nail trend is your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

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