How to Dress Casual-Chic

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The casual-chic trend is perfect for looking cozy and comfortable while remaining fabulously stylish. When you rock the casual-chic trend, you’re never over-dressed for any occasion, but you don’t under-dress, either. Your ensembles are always low-key but still sensational. To embrace the casual-chic aesthetic, here’s everything you need to have in your closet.

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Cover All The Basics
Casual-Chic is an enviable aesthetic because it relies on the basics, but it’s okay to display a bit of attitude in your wardrobe. The casual-chic trend is all about filling your closet with a can’t-miss mixture of comfortable but cool apparel. Start off with jeans, preferably in on-trend styles. Most importantly, stick with jeans that flatter your body shape.

Remember, comfort is key. Cool t-shirts that fit you well are right on-board with the casual aesthetic. Plain cotton-blend tees in neutral hues are top-choice, but you can reveal your sense of humor with a selection of cheeky graphic tees, as well.

Other must-have basics include button-down shirts in neutral colors, such as white, black, or chambray. Indulge in your love of leggings, as well, but stick to dark solid colors. Black, navy blue, dark grey, and even dark brown are better than brightly patterned leggings.

Casual-Chic is casual, sure, but that doesn’t mean you should look sloppy. Your clothes don’t have to be tailored to perfection, but they do need to fit your body. You don’t want your buttons to gape or your pants to sag — casual-chic is all about looking polished without all the effort!

Strategically Choose Your Trends
Some styles mix trends altogether. Classic aesthetics, for example, urge you to avoid fads of any kind. That’s not the case with the casual-chic look. Feel free to incorporate your favorite trends into your wardrobe. You just must be strategic as you choose what to buy!

By their very nature, trends are fleeting. The bright yellow bell-bottom jeans you love today won’t necessarily be cool tomorrow. Bear that in mind as you browse through the latest trends to add something new to your wardrobe. You want to have fun with fashion, but you don’t want to waste money on items that you’ll only wear once or twice.

Your look depends on the basics which gives you the perfect opportunity to liven up your outfits with a well-chosen trend. Look at what’s hot for a season. Sometimes a color takes center stage. At other times, a specific print is all the rage. Try to find accessories and statement pieces that showcase the trend you love. A brightly colored handbag or a printed scarf will make your ensemble pop, but you don’t run the risk of going over-the-top with your simple style.

Select Items You Can Layer
Layering is a key aspect of the casual-chic trend. You have a variety of basics in your wardrobe now, and most of them should lend themselves well to layered looks. Layering allows you to appear polished without putting too much effort into your outfits which is the whole purpose of going casual-chic!

In addition to cardigan sweaters and kimonos in an array of colors and designs—including solid colors—you can incorporate some funky pieces into your weekly rotation. For example, fitted blazers and denim jackets slip effortlessly over your tank tops and tee shirts. You can even layer off-the-shoulder sweaters over your pretty camisoles. How about snagging a military jacket to wear with your black and grey tees?

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Give Yourself A Mix Of Colors
We’ve been stressing the importance of classic and neutral colors, and it’s true that they should make up most of your casual-chic wardrobe. That’s what the chic part implies, after all! Having said that, you shouldn’t fear vivid hues. The secret is to limit them to accessories and statements.

Give in to the whim to buy that bright blue cardigan. A pair of red heels can add a necessary pop to your ensemble. There’s nothing chicer than an all-black outfit with a vibrant handbag. It’s all about balance. Just as you strategically pick out the trends you want to wear, you should choose your colors with care.

It’s Wise To Accessorize
Accessories can make your outfit, but only if you’re smart about it. As we’ve implied, your accessories give you the chance to go all out. This is where you can step out in eye-popping patterns, vivid colors, and attention-grabbing designs.

A plaid tee shirt and jeans may seem boring on their own, but throw on an eye-catching plaid scarf, and you might just be mistaken for an off-duty model! Remember that your handbag can anchor your outfit, as well. Give yourself a selection of cute accessories so that you can switch out your favorites when the mood strikes.

Don’t forget to accessorize with jewelry, too. That’s where statement-making pieces come into play. Think cocktail rings, dazzling necklaces, and an arm party of tasteful bangle bracelets!

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Finish Off With Footwear
We can’t forget about the shoes! Your shoes can mean the difference between a fashion fail and a stylish success. Ultimately, it comes down to what feels comfortable, looks good, and fits your personal brand of casual-chic. As a rule, you need a mix of footwear that includes heels, cute booties, statement boots, flats, and comfy athletic shoes.

Casual-Chic mixes comfort with style, but the final product is always polished. What are your must-haves for the look?

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