Top Features That You Should Look For In Sunglasses

Love getting tan while having some beach fun? Well, spare your eyes because too much sun can do irreparable damage to the eyes. Hate to break it to you but sunburn is not just for the skin, it’s for your wet eyeballs as well. Keep them wet, people.

That is why it’s smart to keep a pair of sunglasses with you when you’re out and about. It shields your vulnerable pair of eyes to the harmful rays of the sun and the damage it causes. The main culprit here is the UV rays which hurt our central vision and damage integral parts of the eyes.

Some of the eye problems that you may encounter with too much sun exposure are macular degeneration which sports gradual vision loss, cataracts which cloud the lenses of the eyes and skin cancer. Yes, you read that right. Your eyelids are vulnerable to cancer too.

And that is where those dark-colored eyepieces come in. But how do we know which one to pick? Here are some key features you may want to consider in choosing the perfect sunglasses for you:


You must look for stickers and tags that indicate 100 percent protection from UV rays. Your pair should protect your eyes against “blue light” that increases the risk of impairing your eyesight. There’s no point in wearing sunglasses that do not block harmful rays of the sun. These UV rays are strong enough to penetrate the clouds. You might still need to wear a pair outside even when the sun shies away from over the clouds. Aside from UV Rays protection, it is also best to consult your eye doctor for the best kind and additional features you may need:

Polarized Lenses

These lenses reduce glare bouncing off from flat surfaces that may cause discomfort to the eyes. But note that this may not double the protection from the sun, but it may be the best option for people who are engaged in outdoor activities.

Coated Lenses

Sunglasses with anti-reflective coating and mirror-coated lenses reduce glare and limit the amount of light that enters your eyes. These kinds of lenses are also best for activities exposed to a very bright setting.

Gradient Glasses

Gradient glasses are tinted glasses usually darkest at the top. This protects your eyes from the UV rays coming from over the head but is usually lightest at the bottom. This makes it suitable for driving as it protects your eyes from the sun while allowing you to still see.

Photochromic lenses

These kinds of glasses adjust to the amount of ultraviolet light. It usually darkens as you go outside and clears once your indoors again. Works like magic, eh? This is because it contains carbon-based molecules that absorb more light when exposed to UV and go back to their original state in the absence of UV.


In this case, the bigger it is, the better. Wider glasses give more protection to the eyes as they block most of the opening for the light to pass through your eyes. Wide, but just enough to also block sunlight from the sides.

The position of the eyes also matters when choosing the perfect fit. You may want to consider checking if your eyes are far apart or closer together to achieve a better vision with whatever pair you like. Remember that the eyes should remain in the center of the lenses. The thickness should also be checked and if it has a snug fit in the nose area to avoid any discomfort over time. The frames should remain parallel and fits the ears in place.


Those who are considering buying themselves a pair, aesthetics also plays a key role here. But first, you must find out what your face shape is. Sunglasses are generally friendly with people with oval faces as it suits most of the designs because the proportion of your face is already balanced. Meanwhile, opposites are best when it comes to people with rounded faces and square faces. Square faces are leaning best with shades with softer designs while rounded faces are better off with shades that have more defined structure and angles. Those with heart-shaped faces are better off with designs that are wider at the bottom.


A lot of sunglasses may hurt your budget but it’s worth a shot especially those who love outdoors. You can treat this as an investment because shades that cost too much mean that they offer lasting quality. Aside from protection, a lot of sunglasses nowadays offer features resistance to impact and scratches, perfect for extreme sports and those who want to find the perfect pair that may last a lifetime. Some of the famous brands today like Oakley, Ray-Ban, Nike, and Police offer top-quality sunglasses that offer almost every feature that you may need. You can find them at the Great Southern Sunnies including go-to options like Bolle, Spy, and Carrera, helping you find your ultimate sunglasses.

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Josh Southwell has a passion for fashion with a love for sunglasses. He lives for speed and extreme sports and in his free time, you’ll find him either on the snow or in the water.

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