Wear Your Engagement Ring All The Time

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Congratulations on your engagement! It may have not sunk in yet and you still can’t believe your beloved man dropped down on one knee and presented to you the most gorgeous engagement ring you have ever laid your eyes on. You may still be questioning how he pulled the entire surprise off and how he got the perfect size of the ring, and before you know it, you are already about to start planning your wedding day!

Before you move on to planning the big day, however, we know you have a few questions about the ring. For starters, since you will now be wearing this brand-new bling every day from here on, you’re probably wondering where you are supposed to wear the engagement ring.

On top of the romantic proposal, wearing the ring that symbolizes your future spouse’s promise of love and commitment is the next most exciting and significant event you will experience. So, where does it go? There are a number of ways you can choose to wear your engagement jewelry from Diamonds.co.nz, but below are a few suggestions to inspire you.

On Your Left Hand

Typically, the engagement ring is worn on the left hand, on the fourth finger. This popular way of wearing an engagement ring, especially in Western cultures, dates to ancient civilizations who believed that this finger has a vein that connects directly to the heart. In Latin, the vein is called the Vena Amoris. Translated, it means the “vein of love.” Acknowledging that the heart is central to all emotions, this finger was believed to be the best finger to put your engagement ring on.

This ancient idea isn’t true though. And while scientists have already discredited the said belief, the tradition of wearing the engagement ring on the left hand has remained throughout the centuries. This is likely because it’s a nice and immensely romantic thought to have the love of your life, as symbolized by the beautiful ring, connected directly to your heart.

In addition, the ring finger on the left hand was a very practical choice considering that it is rarely used for physical work, which was common in ancient times. Plus, majority of us are right-handed, so wearing the ring on this finger keeps it away from unnecessary scratching.

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On Your Right Hand

Wearing engagement rings on the left hand is not a rule set in stone; neither is it universal. Other cultures in Eastern Europe and South America, specifically in Russia, Columbia, Germany, Greece, Norway, and India, wear such pieces that exude love, romance and femininity on the right hand. In these cultures, the left hand is believed to be unlucky because the term “left” in Latin also means “sinister.” In Chile, where it is customary for both men and women to wear engagement rings, the jewelry is worn on the right hand until their wedding day when these rings are exchanged and placed on to the left hand.

The choice to wear your ring on your right hand may not also be culturally directed. This can simply be a personal preference, like if you are left-handed and are hoping to avoid denting your ring.

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On Any Finger, On Any Hand

Why be limited by tradition? In the end, the choice is up to you. Wear your newest bling on whatever finger or hand it feels the most comfortable. If it’s the size of the ring that moves you to wear it on a certain finger, then you may want to have it resized for a better fit (for the finger you intend to wear it on).

Don’t limit your options to the hands. When wearing the engagement ring on any finger isn’t good for you, then wear it around your neck. Use it as a pendant to a good quality chain necklace. This way, the ring is even closer to your heart.

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5 thoughts on “Wear Your Engagement Ring All The Time

  1. So after your partner had ring on you is it really necessary to wear it on daily basis or you can just wear it on special occasions or when you just feel like letting people know that you are taken?

  2. Funny but I don’t want a ring…not that I don’t want marriage I just don’t want a ring. If I had to wear one the right hand would be my choice. I wear my watch on the right wrist so it makes sense for me.

    I liked this post.

  3. No jewelry…I have a box full of it and never wear it. I finally stopped seeing pretty jewelry and spending money on things I never want to wear. I actually find that strange really but I don’t know…I would wear his ring if he wants me to though. Maybe I could talk the guy out of the ring as it will save him money ;).

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