Fajas Colombianas Shapewear

Happy Style Wednesday! Our body is a temple and taking care of it provides a healthier and happier life. Why? Because when our body is healthy, we can do the activities that we want, eat the foods we like, travel to places we dreamed about and wear sexier clothes! While everyone is into getting fit, women are taking it more seriously by wearing shapewear such as fajas colombianas. But what is it about? Let us try to dig deeper.

fajas colombiana shapewear

What is Fajas Colombianas Shapewear?

The term faja was originally a Spanish word which means wrap. Fajas was initially for postoperative use which was imported from Colombia to tighten skin properly and help patients heal from their wounds. Nowadays, fajas colombianas is considered not only for its operational purposes but for its amazing effect on women’s body. It is widely known as a body shaper that instantly gives one an hourglass figure. Fajas colombianas may appear ordinary and straightforward but what we don’t know are its vast uses and benefits. If you are looking forward to getting one because a friend recommended it or you happen to read about it on the internet, you should know what effect it will give you.

Benefits and Uses of Fajas Colombianas:

Regain Pre-Pregnancy Figure

Uh-huh, you read that right. Fajas are worn by women not only to heal themselves from childbirth but to regain their body figure slowly. And since it’s available in all shapes and sizes, one can always find a perfect match and start bringing back their hot-mama shape!

Recover From Surgery

Women who have undergone surgery such as liposuction are tasked to wear compression garments such as fajas colombianas to fasten the healing of the skin. The faja helps women recover their normal activities after the surgery because the shapewear will tighten the skin making it easier for cells to rebuild each other.

Give You A Coca Cola Bottle Figure

Faja will not necessarily make you lose weight or get a firmer body, but as the subtitle says, it helps you have that coke bottle or hourglass figure. But you’ll find out it still helps in weight loss as you continue reading.

Support Weight Loss Programs

While it’s not like having liposuction, wearing one will significantly add an effort to your weight loss journey. Wearing your faja colombianas in a manner where it is tight enough for you to breathe still and move freely gradually helps you lose your appetite. Meaning, losing some of it refrains your regular food consumption. You will eat lesser food (but hey, eat when you feel hungry, okay), which is what weight loss programs are promoting. Considering such programs offer selected and limited food selection, it won’t be hard for you to get used to the amount of food it serves. Pretty cool, right?

Help You To Fit In Clothes

Because you are getting an instant hourglass shape or figure, your body tends to fit better in tight dresses or clothes. It also gives better angles to the body as the stomach will be flatter, your waist will become tiny, and breasts will be pushed up giving you that ooh-la-la curves. With the help of fajas colombianas, you will be able to wear that dream dress even if you are still in a weight loss program!

Make You Look Taller

Women always want that long neck that models are known for. But are you aware that wearing fajas will make your neck appear longer? The tightness and shape of the fajas colombianas create an effect on your neck to look longer while adjusting your posture- and these make you appear taller than your usual height.

Look More Feminine

When a woman wears fajas, it makes her movements more feminine, graceful, and finesse. Isn’t it amazing that this faja will make women move as graceful as a ballerina? And mind you, this kind of movement makes one look even sexier!

Tighten Your Abdomen

Most women are having a hard time maintaining a flat stomach. Some dance, run, go on diets, engage in long walks, but still find their tummy saggy. Sure, fajas will not give you abs just like an extreme workout but with lesser effort, it helps tighten your abdomen. Engaging your stomach with the help of the material, helps you to at least shape your tummy to make it appear tighter and flatter.

Provide Great Posture

Models are admired not just for their sexiness but for their posture as well. Maintaining the right posture will benefit you in so many ways. For instance, correct posture will lessen the chances of migraines or headaches because the communication between the spine and brain is smoother compared to not having the proper posture. And how does fajas colombianas help? Its effect extends up to your spine which helps straighten it and reform to its ideal style. Wearing it every day will help you walk, stand, sit, and look better as your posture is perfect now.

Boost Self-Confidence

Looking sexier, standing straighter, and fitting in fashionable and tight dresses will always boost a woman’s confidence. Fajas colombianas contributes to all that- helping a lady feel so much better and beautiful. A woman who walks gracefully with her confidence on track is always a beauty!

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