How To Choose The Best Bras For Your Tough Days

Happy Style Tuesday! Many people often look for tools through which they can look younger, for instance is there any special kind of face cream or some new fashion trend that woman over 50 should be wearing. The answer to this question is surprisingly simple and can make an instant difference. Simply update your bra!

how to choose the best bras for your tough days

So, here’s what you need to know if you’re looking for the perfect bra:

1. Get A Perfect Fit: It’s obvious that your body has changed from when you were younger, so it’s no surprise that your bra needs to change too. Changes in fluctuations and weight in hormones due to pregnancy and menopause make mature breasts fattier and more pendulous. It’s a well-known fact that up to 85% of women are regularly wearing the wrong bra size! Since no two busts or bras are alike, it’s always important to be fitted by a professional.

2. Always Say No To Over-size: Always avoid bras that are oversized and are not a perfect fit for your breast. Loose bras tend to make the breast look bigger and that may age you. You need to opt for a smaller size which is perfect. A full cup appears to be more youthful.

3. Put To The Center: Here’s a trick. As you are getting dressed, just lean forward and spill your breasts into your bra. Slowly and steadily stand and adjust your nipples, so they sit in the center of the bra cups. The center of the bra should always lie flat against your breastbone. This trick is same for underwire bras too.

4. Raise Them High: This is one of the most important tips which everyone must know. Get the girls up and off your tummy. Not only will your bust look livelier and more youthful, but you will also look ten pounds slimmer. You should aim to have your bust sit midway between your shoulders and your elbows for maximum perkiness.

Menopause is the time when you need emotional support. Your body goes through so many changes so it’s important that you feel comfortable. You must choose clothes and the right kind of lingerie for your menopause. You can choose soft bras that will provide you with total comfort and added support you need.

Here are some tips to choose the best bras for your tough days.

Demi Cup Bra
It’s the best choice for menopause as it provides complete comfort. The bra also features lace with mesh cups that provide added support. The bra style features wide elastic straps that provide complete flexibility. The bra style provides complete coverage and has a great design. You can wear this bra under your casual dresses or simple tees. The floral design concept makes it unique. The innovative lace design comes with vibrant colors that highlight the look of the bra. It’s available in many size options and different colors. It also comes with supportive padded options that you can choose.

Padded Bralette
A simple padded bralette can give you the right comfort during your menopause phase. It features light support that is wireless. It features adjustable straps that can be adjusted according to your dress style. It is a non-sheer pullover style bra, which can make you feel good. The bra style is available in a soft padded version that makes it ultra comfortable. In fact, soft bras are perfect for menopause as these bras make you feel at ease if you sweat a lot. You can also choose from a different design option. There are many color options available in this style of bra.

Wireless Spacer Bra
Wireless spacer bra has a special breathability feature that makes the bra super comfortable. It features convertible straps to a racerback look that you can choose. It features a crossover neckline that makes the bra great for support. The spacer cups are made from double fabric, which provides complete comfort and flexibility. The bra style features a special hook and eye back closure. The best part is it’s available in many sizes. There are two color options available in this bra style.

Tall Triangle Bralette
With cotton lycra fabric, this bra is perfect for your menopause phase. The fabric is not only comfortable but also breathable. The bra style features a wide elastic band with bust support. It features semi-sheer lace under the bust that provides great coverage. The bra has a pullover style so you can pair it with any dress you like. The straps of the bra can be fully adjusted according to your comfort and fit. You can also choose three size options and two basic colors in this bralette style. It’s perfect for your comfort so do include it in your soft bra collection.

You can also choose other styles like front closure and seamless designs. Choose a style that makes you feel comfortable.

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2 thoughts on “How To Choose The Best Bras For Your Tough Days

  1. Bras are so annoying for me – I’m constantly in a sports bra unless my outfit requires otherwise lol! These tips are super handy though. I have a feeling I need to go get re fit x

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