#CKLIfe: My Grief Story Part 3

Happy Tuesday! For today’s post I’m sharing more of my grief story, I have been grieving my father’s passing for the last four years and although everyday is still a struggle because I miss him so much I am coming to terms with his death and doing my best to find peace through all of the sadness. Keep reading if you would like to know more about my grief story.

#cklife: my grief story

After the funeral it really became real to me that my father was no longer living on earth with me anymore. All I wanted to do was cry and be alone but God had other plans for me and my two sisters.

My father’s “wife” was constantly lying about everything including money, she was destroying his property that he worked so hard for all of his life so with the encouragement from our grandfather (our dad’s dad) me and my twin sister decided to fight for our father’s estate not for the money but to close all of our dad’s affairs since he passed away so sudden. His “wife” was destroying everything and we couldn’t just let that happen.

After trial and error we finally found the right lawyer that specialized in estate planning and was willing to take our case. After my sister became the administrator of our father’s estate because his “wife” didn’t qualify for that we spent the next year and a half going back and forth due to the fact she was stealing money and selling property that she had no right to. Me and my sisters spent a lot of time in court and in our lawyers office, this was a very draining and frustrating time in my life. My grieving was definitely put on hold for a really long time because my mind was always consumed with this legal process.

Finally at the end of 2016 his “wife” stopped fighting because she knew she was wrong and didn’t want to be exposed and that would have been very bad for her since she had other legal issues going on at the same time. Me and my sisters were so excited to sign the final documents and be done with her for good. We took care of all of our father’s business and that felt really good so he could finally rest in peace.

So now what?…Part 4 coming soon!

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