#CKLIfe: Tips On How To Deal With Grief

Happy Monday! At one point or other we all have to deal with loss unfortunately whether it is the loss of a relationship, a job or business, a pet or loved one. Whatever the tragedy is, it is natural for us as human beings to grieve in some form. If you have been reading my blog for sometime then you know that I have been open about my grief in regards to my father’s passing. It has been an extremely difficult road and I have been doing research on how to deal/cope with grief. I want to make this clear I am not an expert on dealing with grief I am just sharing some tips that I am currently using in my own personal life. I hope this is helpful and keep reading for all the deets.

#cklife: tips on how to deal with grief

Depending on the significance of the loss, the grief may be more or less intense. Also the degree of grief also will vary by each individual’s situation.

Tip. #1 Understand there are stages of grief

The first stage is denial in which a person does not want to believe that the event happened followed by the second stage, which is anger. The third step is a negotiation process with one’s self in which a person offers something in return for the loss to have never happened. The fourth step is depression, which is often debilitating followed by the last stage which is acceptance that the loss has happened. From there a person can typically move on from the loss.

Tip. #2 Recognize the symptoms of grief

There are mostly emotional symptoms involved with grief. Since many of the feelings, involved are so devastating, there are physical manifestations that can emerge as well. Feelings can range from deep sadness, shock, guilt and fear. A person may even start doubting their religious faith. In terms of physical symptoms you may feel nauseous and fatigued, suffer from insomnia, experience aches, pains, gain or lose weight. Knowing these symptoms can better prepare you to fight them when they appear.

Tip. #3 Let yourself grieve

People tend to get stuck on the first few stages of grief and are paralyzed because they don’t let themselves give into the emotions rather than try to suppress them. By letting yourself give into the grief, you can start the healing process.

Tip. #4 Lean on friends and family

Your family and friends expect you to be upset and while they may not know what to do, they do want to be there for you even if it’s just to listen and offer some affection. Don’t feel too proud or embarrassed to lean on them in this time of need.

Tip. #5 Join a support group

Support groups offer a way to talk and listen to others who know exactly what you are going through.

Tip. #6 Turn to your faith

If you have a particular religious affiliation or have in the past, this is the time to return to that stronghold in your life and gain solace from spiritual activities. This could include speaking to a member of your religious organization, meditating on any writings associated with your belief, and praying.

Tip. #7 Seek out a therapist

Like the support groups, a therapist has experienced loss through having heard the stories and feelings of many patients just like you. They are trained to provide grief counseling in which they walk through the stages of grief with you, helping with advice and tactics for dealing with intense emotions and any barriers to mental, and emotional healing that appear along the way.

How do you deal with grief? Please share your tips in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “#CKLIfe: Tips On How To Deal With Grief

  1. One by one, I lost almost all my relatives. It was long lasting grief, but I struggled with it with the help of work, a lot of work. It helped.
    I wish you good luck.

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