5 Ways To Avoid Dry Skin This Fall Season

Happy Beauty Tuesday! Wow we are in September already and the fall season is just around the corner so today I wanted to share some ways to avoid dry skin this fall. The dramatic dropΒ  in temperature and cool air on your skin can cause flaky, dry, and irritated skin so keep reading for all the deets on how to have flawless skin this fall season.

5 ways to avoid dry skin this fall season

1. Wash with lukewarm water

To avoid dry skin as your skin transitions through fall always remember to wash with lukewarm water. Washing with hot water removes natural oils from the skin and can cause the skin to become drier.

2. Moisturize shortly after washing

Apply your moisturizer within a few minutes of your shower or washing your face, this helps trap water in the skin.

3. Use moisturizers that contain ceramides

Look for moisturizers containing ceramides, so be sure to check out the product ingredients before buying your next moisturizer.

4. Stay away from drugstore makeup remover wipes

Skip the drugstore makeup remover wipes that contain alcohol and sulphates they can irritate and dry the skin.

5. Use a humidifier

Fall and winter weather with their cold temperatures, low humidity and brisk winds, along with dry heat from heaters can really dry out our skin. To combat this it is important to add as much moisture to our skin as possible. Use a humidifier in your bedroom at night, as well as in other rooms where you are spending a lot of time.

How do you avoid dry skin? Let me know in the comments.

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