Pool Party Perfection: Stunning Summer Styles for Outdoor Extravaganzas

The weather’s getting warmer. The days are getting longer. Summer is finally here, and, like the old song says, “the livin’ is easy.” Most of us will be spending our days relaxing at the beach or swimming in the pool.

But before you hit the water, you should hit the boutique! Summer is a perfect time to revamp your wardrobe. Summer fashions are colorful, cute, and fun — and let’s be honest, everyone needs some more of that in their closet! Keep reading for all the deets.

Pool Party Perfection: Stunning Summer Styles for Outdoor Extravaganzas

Not sure what to wear this summer? Don’t sweat it — we have a few tips that will help you look like a stunning sun goddess! When you go to a summer pool party, don’t be seen without these must-have items:

The Swimsuit

Your swimsuit is the most important element of your summer look. After all, it’s the item you’ll spend most of your time in! If you want to turn heads at a beach or pool party, you need the right suit.

The most popular swimsuit styles are bikinis and cut out swimsuits. However, if you’re looking for a bit more coverage, there are many fashionable one pieces you can wear as well!

Whatever style you wear, make sure it compliments your skin tone. Individuals with warm skin tones look best in natural colors, like burnt orange or olive-green. Those with cooler skin tones look best in jewel color (think emerald or ruby) or muted shades like dusky rose-pink.

Cover Up With Class

If your party goes into the night, you’ll probably want to change out of your suit at some point. There’s nothing worse than wearing a cold, wet swimsuit! When it’s time to change, throw on something casual but super cute.

A bright, playful romper or a flowy maxi dress will go a long way to help you look like an adorable beach babe. Try to stick with pieces in bold, tropical patterns, as these have more of a summer vibe.

Having a classy look to change into doesn’t just save you from freezing in your suit — it turns your pool party into a fashion moment. Trust us, with the right look, everyone’s eyes will be on you all day long!

Shoes and Accessories

When your shoes and accessories match your outfit, you always appear more polished and put together. So instead of grabbing the first pair of flip-flops you find in your closet, take the time to find those perfect finishing touches.

The shoes you wear to a pool party depend on the type of party you attend. For a BBQ in your neighbor’s yard, you can get away with a cute pair of cuffed thong sandals. If you’re going to a pool party at a hotel or club (Las Vegas style), it’s time to look into a pair of sexy wedges or heels — assuming you can walk in them!

You can accessorize as much or as little as you’d like for a pool party. However, make sure your accessories suit the theme. For example, if you’re wearing a floral kimono or romper, wear jewelry or a water-resistant watch with floral details, too! This will make your outfit look more complete, and will make you look even cuter.

Summer is always filled with parties, hangouts, and other extravaganzas. And, when you use our suggestions, you can create a cute summer wardrobe for every occasion.

However, make sure you always remember the most important fashion rule: wear something that makes you feel great. When you’re happy with how you look, it shows — and everyone will end up loving your look too!

What are your pool party must-haves? Let me know in the comments.

Author Bio: Constante Quirino is a freelance writer and content strategist who has worked with a number of emerging companies as well as up-and-coming designers. A passionate yogi for over 10 years, he is an advocate for healthy, balanced lifestyles.

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