#CKLife: 5 Month Reflection

Happy Friday! I can not believe that there are only 5 months left in 2018 this year went by so fast to me. So far this year has its ups and downs but all in all I’m still so blessed and grateful for all that God has done for me in my life. I am always trying to learn and grow in Christ and in my God-given purpose. Keep reading for all the deets.

#cklife: 5 month reflection

I want to share some things that I want to continue to accomplish in the remainder of 2018:

  • continue to heal and grow through my grieving journey
  • grow in Christ
  • learn how to balance my work-life
  • take better care of myself mentally
  • continue to grow my brand
  • step out on faith in all areas of my life
  • help others through their grieving journey

Those are the basic things that I will continuously work on. I have always been about self-improvement and if any of my readers are struggling to find themselves or their purpose then here are some self-reflection questions that I find to be very helpful.

  1. Am I using my time wisely? We all know that time is extremely precious. The best way to evaluate this is to imagine where you see yourself in 5 to 10 years from now. Looking back to where you are now can help you see what aspects in your life that may be a waste of time.
  2. Am I taking anything for granted? There are countless blessings around each of us. Even at our lowest lows we may have the support of our family and friends. We naturally are always looking to the future which may blind us to our present circumstances. We should take a moment every now and again to look at what we have around us and be grateful.
  3. Am I living true to myself? This may be take years to fully discover, with many mistakes along the way, but you should still try. It is so important to figure out whether or not we’re deceiving ourselves. We have complete control over what we do. Figure out what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. If you’re doing something that will cause you regret down the road, work on removing yourself from that situation.
  4. Am I waking up in the morning, ready to take on the day? The first thought of the day is a massive indicator of your general level of happiness.
  5. Am I thinking negative thoughts before I fall asleep? When we finally lay down to sleep is when we unplug from everything and have a measure of clarity, clarity prompts reflection. Your last thoughts before falling asleep reveal a lot about what’s going on in your life.
  6. Am I putting enough effort into my relationships? Over time we can begin to take our relationships for granted. If you don’t want to find yourself losing various individuals in your life, make sure that you’re dedicated towards maintaining your relationships.
  7. Am I taking care of myself physically? Our physical well-being can be put on the back burner if we’re not aware. Keep an idea of where you want to be physically in the next few years and don’t let that image slip away.
  8. Am I letting matters that are out of my control stress me out? The biggest waste of effort we can make is to stress out about things that are outside of our control. Make sure to continuously identify your stress factors and work towards eliminating any worries about things that you can’t control.
  9. Am I achieving the goals that I’ve set for myself? We all have a general vision of where we want to be in 5 to 10 years, however goals often go unrealized because people lack self-awareness. To improve our chances of reaching our goals we must remain aware of our current behavior.

Through frequent self-reflection, we can make sure that we are on the right path.

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